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To put Christian Principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

The YMCA is a cause driven non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening our communities in spirit, mind and body. Much more than just a fitness center, we focus on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility as well. At the Y we know we aren't simply in the community, but a part of it, and when we strengthen others we strengthen ourselves. Welcome to the Y. You belong here.

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My Y Story...


In the mid-90’s, Pat and her co-worker decided to make a change. They knew that sitting for 3-4 hours per day wasn’t going to help them strengthen both their body and mind, so they joined the YMCA and enrolled in a 6 week strength class at the West Side Y. As time went by, circumstances changed so Pat started to use the Downtown Y so that she could use the city bus to take her class then switched to the Broadview Y when her instructor was promoted to a position there. Pat’s final destination was the East Side YMCA. She signed up for the Personal Fitness Program with Craig. Pat and Craig formed a client/member bond that knows no bounds. Pat trusts Craig completely and shares “Craig saw something in me that could be better than even I knew I could become.” She has been at the East Side YMCA for approximately 1 ½ years with Craig being her coach. She has become strong in both mind and body. So much so that she has completed two 5K runs and is planning to complete more! This may seem to be an easy feat by some people’s standards, but Pat needs a guide to help her navigate the course. Craig has been her guide and has helped her to set high goals and accomplish them! If you should ever see Pat running or just exercising, she encourages you to say “hello.” And to remember, “anything is possible for anyone no matter what.”