General Information

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The Y is much more than just a gym. We are a movement, a powerful force for change in your life, your health, and your community. Whether you're looking for a place to get fit and relieve stress, a caring environment for your children, or a volunteer program to give something back to your community, you'll find it at the Y. Our programs for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility ensure that we strengthen more than just the body. We strengthen the foundations of community. We are your Y and we're waiting for you. Join us!


  • Four conveniently located centers
  • Seven indoor pools
  • Four indoor running tracks
  • Six gymnasiums
  • Ten racquetball courts
  • Two indoor waterslides
  • Steam room
  • Four saunas
  • Three whirlpools
  • Complete gymnastics center with full-size spring floor
  • Drop-in child care
  • Spacious locker rooms

Core Programs

  • Swim lessons
  • Gymnastics
  • Youth sports
  • Aerobics and strength training
  • Teen
  • Family
  • Older adults
  • School age child care
  • Day camp
  • Preschool camp
  • Year-round resident camp

My Y Story...


My first membership to the Y was about 30 years ago. I used to take the city bus to the Downtown Y to go swimming. It was at that time that I first got the vision of becoming a lifeguard. Through the years I have always swam at the Y. Being that I had always been active, I didn’t really watch what I was eating and eventually ended up over weight with diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. On February 14, 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had several surgeries and radiation treatments. Because of the healing process, I wasn’t allowed to go swimming. I had taken going to the Y for granted. When I was done healing from the surgeries, I continued with my swimming. Many times while swimming I would see the life guard classes being taught and remembered my vision of becoming a lifeguard. I took the class and became certified 10 months after my last radiation treatment and become a YMCA lifeguard 4 months later. I have lost 122 pounds and no longer take medication for my diabetes or asthma and only need half of my high blood pressure medications. During the cancer treatments, the Y was a very important part of my recovery. The staff were always supportive and were able to find something I could do given the limitations that I had. I always felt the staff was my own personal cheerleaders. ~Julie