Y Stories

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The impact of the Green Bay Y is seen every day in the faces of our members and guests. From their stories, we invite you to learn about our cause. Through the support of our community the Y works to empower every child, adult and family to be healthy, confident and connected, regardless of age, income or background.

Your story of connection, health and well-being, pursuing a passion, learning a new skill, or reaching a goal may inspire someone to reach out to the Y and change their life.

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My Y Story...


I am a young adult struggling to turn my life around. I have many fond memories of being active in the Y as a child, so I immediately thought of the Y to help me get back on track physically, emotionally and mentally. A bonus is the positive influence and experience the Y has been for my 8 year-old daughter. I am a shy person, yet the Y staff and members make me feel comfortable. I know this is the place my daughter and I belong. Thanks to the Strong Kids Campaign, we are on the right track. ~Jarrod