The Greater Green Bay YMCA offers part-time unpaid internships for college students in a variety of areas which may include: Health & Fitness, Youth Teen & Family, Human Resources and Marketing/Graphic Design.

We are currently accepting applications for:

  • Graphic Design - Spring 2016 internship
  • Public Relations/Marketing/Social Media - Spring 2016 internship

Please contact Brenda Kopke at 436 9649 or for more information.

My Y Story...


Noticing how unhappy Nicole felt about herself and seeing she wouldn’t take the first step to make a lifestyle change, Nicole’s mother bought a 3 month membership as a Mother’s Day gift for Nicole. Nicole had been overweight since high school, but once she started working out and saw immediate results she was hooked! She has now been a member since May of 2008 and has lost 100 pounds!! She is a diehard participant in Zumba, which she usually attends twice a week, enjoys boot camp and frequently asks the coaches for help. Nicole feels comfortable asking them for ideas to reduce her “problem areas” because they always take the time to work with her. Nicole has noticed that she has more energy than ever before. She can run around and chase after her 3 year-old son, Michael, who also visits the YMCA frequently. It is amazing that the YMCA has become such a big part of her family’s life in such a short time. Not only is the YMCA a great place to work out and relieve stress but also is where she can meet up with her friends! Nicole has really enjoyed being a YMCA member which you can see by the smile on her face when she walks in the door. She enjoys the YMCA as much as we enjoy having her be a part of our family. “I am astounded that the employees know my name and always comment on how good I have done. I have even been told that I am their inspiration to get healthy and I am their success story. It makes me feel GREAT to know I inspire others.”