The Greater Green Bay YMCA offers part-time and full-time unpaid internships for college students in a variety of areas which may include: Health & Fitness, Youth Teen & Family, Human Resources and Marketing/Graphic Design.

Please contact Brenda Kopke at 436 9649 or for more information.

My Y Story...


In February of 2013, I came to the Y as a guest with my son looking for a change. I had been suffering from groin pain, which stemmed from a work accident that happened over 10 years ago. This groin pain escalated to severe back and hip pain, which required me to walk with a cane. I had been going to the doctor and physical therapy, but both were not working. I became very frustrated and was hoping that I could find something else that would help me get stronger. I was looking for a Personal Trainer who would sit down with me, listen to me, and find the best exercises for me to gain total body strength. I had two goals that I wanted to accomplish, to build up enough strength to walk longer than one mile and to lose one pant size. Three weeks after my first personal training session, I was walking up to 3 miles and had lost a pant size and was walking without my cane! I had come to terms with the fact that I could never work again, but now I am thinking about reopening my business! It just goes to show that when you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything. ~Craig