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Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

Everyone wants their kids to be healthy, it’s up to us as parents to make it happen. Does your child come home from school with a lunch box full of the healthy food you packed? Does your picky eater p... read more


Top Tips for Successful Group Workouts

If you have not experienced the feeling yourself, maybe you have heard of it. Sweat covered individuals walking away from their group workout exclaiming, “There is no way I would have worked that hard... read more


Summer Produce – Don’t Waste it, Save it - No Canning Required

Did you buy a little too much at this week’s farmers market? Is your garden ripening faster than you can eat it? Did your plans to eat it get derailed by invitations to go out to eat or late nights at... read more


Tips to Avoid Summer Weight Gain

It is so easy to blame winter for weight gain. It’s cold, dark and there is not much to do but eat, watch TV, and hide in a bulky sweater. I gain weight in summer! How does this happen? I take advanta... read more


Lessons Learned in Cycling

Often times in the sport of cycling, groups of like-minded athletes will ride together on a regular basis. This activity provides a positive training environment, a social atmosphere, and accountabili... read more


Staying Active & Healthy on Vacation

Many of us spend all year looking forward to a summer vacation. Perfect temperatures and sunny skies are waiting for us at our favorite destinations. This time away from our daily and weekly routines ... read more


Psychology of Exercise

We have all heard the following lines many times before, “It’s all in your head” and “Mind over matter.” Flashbacks to screaming coaches and gym teachers may give these concepts a negative connotation... read more


Last-Minute Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts

Snow covers the ground, temperatures are in the single digits, and there are only a days left before the holidays. This can only mean one thing — it’s time for last minute shopping!  The time has come... read more


Managing Holiday Stress

The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are great for bringing us together with long last family and friends. That is, unless, that distance is welcome. Either way, keep the season’s spirit of relaxati... read more


Stress Less With Meaningful Holidays

With the holidays approaching, I wanted to share some inspiration for the season and tips to keep it meaningful. We all have more to do this time of year, but with some planning and careful considerat... read more