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We believe in health and well-being for everyone. We are here for you, to help you grow in spirit, mind and body. Our nationally certified personal trainers will help you; we will coach, motivate and inspire you to reach your goals. At the Y, you will be part of a welcoming and nurturing environment where together we will achieve the results you have always wanted.

Customize Your Fitness Program

  • Rev up a stale exercise routine with fresh approaches to your workout.
  • Break out of your fitness plateau - challenge yourself.
  • Reduce the risk of injury by learning proper techniques.
  • Stay motivated and committed to your exercise program.

Personal Training Brochure

Meet Our Personal Trainers

The choice of a personal trainer is just that...personal. Our male and female trainers have diverse backgrounds, everything from strength training to triathlon training. Click here to read a short bio of each of our many nationally certified personal trainers.

Personal Trainer Bios  

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YMCA Personal Training Testimonials

"I love having my personal training sessions with Kate. She has helped me build up my strength, she supports my weight loss goals in a healthy way and has me try things that I would never do on my own. I am a health seeker who is now becoming more passionate about staying healthy. She brings in her own personal equipment/toys to use when we train (resistant bands, weighted balls and a TRX rip trainer to name a few) these are things the YMCA does not have. I love that I get to use her equipment as these are things I would not 'normally' be able to use in the Y. I would love to see this equipment added for all PT clients to use as I have seen the true benefit of them!" ~Wendy

"I am giving this recommendation to assure you that Sara is absolutely the best personal trainer and teacher I have ever worked with! I am amazed at all the things that she has taught me. I work in the health care industry so I understand the importance of working out. Sara has helped me make substantial strides in my physical abilites. Her knowledge, experience and approach to training has been beneficial in many ways. She continues to challenge me and yet not make it so I would not want to come back. She has motivated me and keeps a constant mixture of new exercies with new levels of challenges all while maintaining a core approach to resistance training. This is not an easy task as I am someone that gets bored easily. Sara closely monitors posture and form, I am amazed that I continue to slip into poor form and she continually gets me back on track in more than one way! Her flexibility and willingness to accommodate my schedule has been really convenient for me to meet all of my workout wants and needs. No matter what your fitness goals are, I am absolutely certain that Sara will be more than able to help you get there." ~Stacy

"One of the key cornerstones to the YMCA is its focus on healthy living. My experience with personal training has truly changed the way I think about exercise, eating, and overall complete health. While I have been a member of the Y for most of the last 30 years, the majority of my workouts were based on swimming and elliptical machines. Nancy, my personal trainer, has changed my outlook on health. Rather than the same mundane exercises, she has helped me branch out to new equipment like bosu balls, kettle bells, sledgehammers\outdoor tires, free weights, med balls, TRX, and rope workouts. Has it made a difference? My upper body has never been this strong, my attitude about working out has improved dramatically, and I am down over 10 pounds. In addition, my recent health test score for my employee healthcare program improved 20% from the previous year. Without Nancy and the unique equipment at the Y, I would never have achieved this kind of progress in less than one year!" ~Bill

"I was always very active and athletic in high school & college, but as an adult with a job and a family, exercise was easily put on the back burner. I reached out to Nancy a couple of years ago because I wanted her to help me firm up my core. Life has not been the same since!! My attitude towards exercise has dramatically shifted from dreading it, to looking forward to it and getting frustrated when my daily schedule prohibits me from getting to the Y. I honestly owe it all to Nancy and her workouts. I can't do mundane workouts, so Nancy always keeps it fresh by doing something new each time with the various equipment at the Y. I have driven to the East Side Y to use the ropes, tire and sledgehammer despite being downtown for most of the days. When at the Downtown Y, Nancy pushes me to new limits using the TRX, kettle bells, and my personal favorite, the punching pads. It would be great if all of the YMCA's had the same available equipment. Through Nancy and her workouts utilizing the available equipment, I have lost 25 pounds and have increased my PT sessions to 2X per week. At age 44, I have never been more fit or felt better about myself and my health." ~April

How to get started with a YMCA Personal Trainer

  1. Contact the Member Experience Director at your local YMCA or visit Member Services to purchase personal training sessions.
  2. The Member Experience Director will contact you and determine the personal trainer that matches your individual needs.
  3. A Personal Trainer will contact you to schedule your first personal training session.

Member Experience Directors

Broadview Shaun Nick 436 9519
Downtown Renee Chandler 436 9667
East Side Tim Bauer 436 1231
West Side Marcia Sengstock 436 9523