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Pilates classes at the Green Bay Y will lead you through a unique method of breath awareness, body control and conditioning. Pilates focuses primarily on strengthening the central core and using the abdominal muscles to control the movements. 

Schedules Mind Body Button 350Pilates is an exercise discipline that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s. It is a systematic approach to physical conditioning, focusing on the breath and core strength. A strong core allows the body to move without undue stress on the spine along with improved balance and coordination.

Enjoy the benefits of better posture, a strong center, and an overall feeling of well-being with our Pilates program offered at the Green Bay Y. All levels are encouraged to participate. 

Join us for the following Pilates offerings in our Mind & Body Studios at the Green Bay Y by purchasing a $ Punch Card/Drop in Pass. Open to both Y Members & General Public.

$ Mat Pilates  ages 14+

Mat Pilates is a 40 minute class designed to strengthen & tone all the body's core muscles with targeted exercises. These exercises are performed in a slow, precise manner with controlled breathing that build core strength. The goals of Mat Pilates are creating strong core muscles to support the spine, reduce back pain, and focus the mind as you exercise the body.  Pilates is valuable alone or in addition to your current fitness program. Begin practicing at any age. Appropriate for all levels.

$ Pilates HIIT  ages 14+

Pilates HIIT is a 40 minute class that combines HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Pilates Core movements creating an intense all over body workout. Examples of HIIT exercises are Burpees, Jump Lunges, High Knee Runs, etc. Pilates movements include planks, roll ups, and crunches. Be prepared to work through these exercises to help strengthen your upper body, lower body and of course your core!

For more information regarding our Mind & Body programs, please contact Desiree Schmidt at 436 1254. You can also check out our Mind & Body Studios and meet our Mind & Body Instructors.

Looking for more Mind & Body options? Check out our Yoga Classes, learn more about our Free Monthly Yoga Events and get our Mind & Body Workshops & Special Events on your calendar!

My Y Story...

Jon & Gretchen

There are some volunteers you can always count on to be there to fill a need. Jon and Gretchen Lee are just those volunteers. As volunteers for the Y, Jon and Gretchen help out in many ways. When the Y has a need, we know that Jon and Gretchen will be there. As Y volunteers, John and Gretchen donate about twenty-five hours of service per year, doing as much as they can. At the Y, John and Gretchen enjoy interacting with the staff and members. John and Gretchen are staples at the Y’s special events, like Halloween at the Y and Health Kids Day. They are also very involved with the West Side Y’s Annual Campaign, raising money to support the Y. Some their favorite Y volunteer experiences have been helping at a chili sale and checking in costumed children at Halloween at the Y. Every one of John and Gretchen’s volunteer experiences has been very rewarding and they believe that they often receive more than they give in volunteering. We don’t agree—if the the Y didn’t have volunteers like John and Gretchen, we would be missing out!