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Pilates classes at the Green Bay Y will lead you through a unique method of breath awareness, body control and conditioning. Pilates focuses primarily on strengthening the central core and using the abdominal muscles to control the movements. 

Schedules Yoga ButtonPilates is an exercise discipline that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s. It is a systematic approach to physical conditioning, focusing on the breath and core strength. A strong core allows the body to move without undue stress on the spine along with improved balance and coordination.

Enjoy the benefits of better posture, a strong center, and an overall feeling of well-being with our Pilates program offered at the Green Bay Y. All levels are encouraged to participate. 

Join us for the following Pilates offerings in our Mind & Body Studios at the Green Bay Y by purchasing a $ Punch Card/Drop in Pass. Open to both Y Members & General Public.

$ Mat Pilates  ages 14+

Mat Pilates is a 40 minute class designed to strengthen & tone all the body's core muscles with targeted exercises. These exercises are performed in a slow, precise manner with controlled breathing that build core strength. The goals of Mat Pilates are creating strong core muscles to support the spine, reduce back pain, and focus the mind as you exercise the body.  Pilates is valuable alone or in addition to your current fitness program. Begin practicing at any age. Appropriate for all levels.

For more information regarding our Mind & Body programs, please contact Desiree Schmidt at 436 1254. You can also check out our Mind & Body Studios and meet our Mind & Body Instructors.

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My Y Story...


When I first came to the Y my hip had recently been replaced. I was walking with a cane and used a “grabber tool” to pick up items from the ground and in other difficult places. I wasn’t able to do many everyday things that people often take for granted, such as putting on my own socks. Through the SilverSneakers classes at the Y, I discovered that I could work at my own pace. I was unable to stand without support and had to hang on to a chair to be able do the exercises. Week by week my strength and overall health improved. Within 6 months of coming to class I no longer had to use my cane or “grabber tool” and my pain from arthritis was a lot less. Today, I take fewer pills and have more energy. I am able to do things I haven’t done in years, such as gardening. At age 75, I believe I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do today without the help of SilverSneakers and the Y. ~Jane