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Y Members & General Public can register for Youth Specialty programs. Check when classes are available in the Youth Specialty section in the current Program Guide or browse and register online:

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$ Register at any front desk, online or phone! (Y Members & General Public)
See our current Program Guide for Youth Specialty program times, locations and fees.

$ Boys Night Out  5th grade

Boys Night Out is a 7-week program designed for 5th grade boys interested in making new friends, learning new skills and having a whole lot of fun along the way. Boys Night Out is lead by Y staff and adult male volunteers. Each week, our boys will develop new skills, engage in a fun physical activity, and develop great relationships! We will discover topics like healthy decision making, leadership, and how to work well with others. The program ends with an optional overnight to Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya. Learn More Button Teal

$ Challenge Course Mashup  ages 9+ COMING FALL 2017!

Challenge yourself each week with a different class focus. Run a timed obstacle course, learn tricking and flips, refine your power and movement skills. Develop confidence and physical fitness through a program that supports and encourages personal growth. An extention of our Ninja Warrior Jr class with more intensity for the older participant.

$ Fundamental Sports Clinics  ages 8-11

Our 2-hour clinics will get your child ready to play in our Youth Sports and future programs, or brush up on their existing skills. They are fun, fast-paced and led by our Y Youth Sports Site Supervisors. The 2015 fall clinics are basketball and volleyball. Learn More Button Teal

$ Girls Night Out  5th grade

Girls Night Out is a 8-week Y program designed just for 5th grade girls. Each week, our girls will have a theme to explore, social time, healthy snack and an exciting physical activity.The program is faciliated by Y Staff and college-aged volunteers and our high energy program will explore topics like healthy choices, transitioning to young adulthood, life skills, and positive friendships. We will celebrate the end of our program with an optional overnight trip to YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya. Learn More Button Teal

$ Junior Group TRX Suspension Training  ages 11-13+

At the Y we believe in building healthy youth. Junior Group Suspension training is a form of body weight resistance exercise that will help children improve their strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and balance in a safe and effective way. The kids will spend 45 minutes using the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ and learn tips to achieving and maintaining health and wellbeing for life. 

$ Let's Get Ready to Babysit  ages 11-13

Babysitting is a great first job, but there's a lot to know before you start! Our fun and fast-paced class will include hands-on instruction, educational materials, babysitter success kit, certificates of attendance and a healthy snack. We bet we'll have you scoring an MVB (Most Valuable Babysitter) Award in no time!  Our topics will consist of lessons in Child Development, Age-appropriate Play, Behavior Challenges & Solutions, First Aid & Safety, Handling Emergencies, and Communication with Parents. *Please bring a lunch* Learn More Button Teal

$ Ninja Warrior Jr  ages 5-8 COMING FALL 2017!

The focus is developing motor skills through mobility, balance, power, strength and endurance. We want to create a strong mind and body through fitness in a fun and safe manner. By learning new obstacles it helps athletes develop a positive mindset towards themselves and others. Setting and achieving goals will help boost their self-confidence and self-worth.

$ On My Own at Home  ages 10-12

So you're ready to try staying home alone? That's great! We can help you feel prepared and confident when you're on your own. You'll learn what should you do to stay busy and safe when at home alone. We will explore topics such as how to handle emergency situations, safe activities, basic First Aid and how to make a fun small snack. You'll take home lots of great ideas and safety tips. Learn More Button Teal  

$ Parkour  ages 5+

Have energy? Need a challenge? Discover your potential through the exploration and practice of Parkour, also known as the Art of Movement .You will be able to run faster, jump farther and climb higher with this challenging, progressive discipline. This program will give you a look into the fastest growing free sport of the world!

$ Parkour Camp  ages 8+

Vault, jump, and balance during this high energy camp. Experience parkour in a padded gymnastics center, with daily trips to the park to introduce training on other surfaces. Bring a sack lunch, swimsuit and towel. Camps are held over Winter, Spring and Summer breaks.

$ Drop In Parkour  ages 5+

Not sure if Parkour is the thing for you? Want to try just one class? Register and bring the receipt to the instructor.

$ S.P.A.R.K.  ages 8-13

Strength, Play, and Resistance for Kids. Kids have fun while getting in shape. The program is designed to improve children's health, wellbeing and fitness through physical activity concepts. The components of the program include: cardiovascular exercise, muscular strength and flexibility. Each week new skills are introduced to build off what they have already learned.

More Youth & Family Activities

Schedules YTF ButtonLooking for things to do with your family? Then you're in the right place! The Green Bay Y offers many fun activities for youth, teens and families each week. Please visit our Youth, Teen Family page or search our Schedules for current offerings. For even MORE fun things to do, be sure to check out our Workshops & Special Events!