General Information

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The Y is much more than just a gym. We are a movement, a powerful force for change in your life, your health, and your community. Whether you're looking for a place to get fit and relieve stress, a caring environment for your children, or a volunteer program to give something back to your community, you'll find it at the Y. Our programs for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility ensure that we strengthen more than just the body. We strengthen the foundations of community. We are your Y and we're waiting for you. Join us!


  • Four conveniently located centers
  • Seven indoor pools
  • Four indoor running tracks
  • Six gymnasiums
  • Ten racquetball courts
  • Two indoor waterslides
  • Steam room
  • Four saunas
  • Three whirlpools
  • Complete gymnastics center with full-size spring floor
  • Drop-in child care
  • Spacious locker rooms

Core Programs

  • Swim lessons
  • Gymnastics
  • Youth sports
  • Aerobics and strength training
  • Teen
  • Family
  • Older adults
  • School age child care
  • Day camp
  • Preschool camp
  • Year-round resident camp

My Y Story...

Bill C

I was golfing with friends when I realized I could no longer hold my own in a competitive group of golfers. My balance was off and my friends joked that I was losing my game. That winter I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic, degenerative disease that affects everyone differently. With me, it affected my balance, short-term memory and caused fatigue. Disheartened, I thought “How could this happen to someone who was so active and recently completed two half-marathons?” MS can cause those affected to become confined to a wheelchair. My neurologist told me the best way to stay mobile was to keep exercising, so I decided to join the Y. I started swimming, where I feel the aches, fatigue and mental fog of MS melt away, and my worry about balance disappears. I just FEEL better! With help from Y trainers, I have successfully taken on TRX and learned how to do kettlebell "Turkish get-ups". I am working on mastering a headstand, and plan on doing a walking hand stand. - Bill Charles