Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

2019 Mobile App Questions

Have questions about our mobile app? You're in the right place! Feeling overwelmed? Ask us for help!

About our New Mobile App 

When can I download the new app? 
Our new mobile app will be available as of August 20, 2019.

Can I continue to use my current app? 
Our old app, named Greater Green Bay YMCA, is no longer supported, so be sure to download the new app today.

Why do I need to download a new app? 
A new app was necessary to comply with recent changes to developer guidelines required by Apple and Google. See our Mobile App page to download the app. 

2019 Mobile App August 20

Will the new app have different features? 
The schedules, features and functions available in the app will remain the same as our Greater Green Bay YMCA app. The following items will be different: 

Daxko Logo Mobile Icons

App Name » The name of the new app will be Daxko. This is what you will see attached with the icon on your device. Daxko is our app developer. 

App Icon » You will see the Daxko logo when downloading from the App Store or Google Play Store. For iPhone (iOS) users only, once the new app is downloaded and our association is selected, the icon will update to our Y logo. Android users will continue to see the Daxko logo. 

Homescreen » New look featuring a newsfeed of important announcements.

Will I have to search for the Greater Green Bay YMCA each time I use my app? 
Once you download the new app and select the Greater Green Bay YMCA as your association, you won't need to select it again. Each time you open your app therafter you will be taken to a home screen that features hours and a newsfeed with important announcements for the Green Bay Y. 

What if I accidentally chose the wrong association when setting up my new app? 
To reset your app settings, choose More » Preferences » Reset All Settings.
You do NOT need to do this to change branches at the Green Bay Y (this is done at the top of your app).

Future Updates

If you have your device set for automatic updates, you won't need to do anything, your new Daxko app will update for you! If you do not have your device set up for automatic updates, you'll need to update your app manually: 

iPhone » Open the iTunes App Store, tap the Updates icon at the bottom of the screen, find the Daxko app and touch Update. 

Android » Open the Google Play Store, choose My Apps under the menu, find the Daxko app and touch Update.

Choosing Settings

New Mobile Locations MilesWhat does allowing "Daxko" to access my location while I'm using the app mean? 

By selecting "Allow" when prompted by Daxko to access your location the app will use this information to find branches near you. You can view this information by selecting the Locations icon on the main menu bar.

How do I opt-in to receive notifications? 
There are two ways to opt-in to get important association wide updates (emergency facility closings as well as upcoming holiday closings, changes in facility hours and facility closings due scheduled maintenance):

Upon initial download » Select "Allow" to Notifications when you first open your app after downloading.

After initial download » If you didn’t initially opt-in when you first downloaded our app, you’ll need to go to your device settings to opt-in first. Learn about setting up notifications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or setting up notifications on Android devices.

Member Cards

To add your Member Card (barcode number), choose the Cards icon on the main menu bar. Click Add New Card and enter the Member Name and Barcode Number; press Save. If you need your barcode(s), our friendly front desk staff can assist you.

PASSBOOK FOR IOS - You can add your membership card to your IOS Wallet!  
Easily add new and existing membership cards to the iOS Wallet and have the card display when the device with the app installed is near any Greater Green Bay YMCA facility. The card can be added to the wallet by clicking on the membership card and then by clicking on settings (gear) to then choose Add to Apple Wallet.

Can I add more than one Member Card? 
Yes! Choose the Cards icon on the main menu bar. Click Add New Card and enter the Member Name and Barcode Number; press Save. Repeat to add additional members.

How do I manage Member Cards? 
To select a card/member, tap the top of the card. After selecting the card, there is a sprocket in the right corner to edit or remove. When adding more than one card, you can set which member card you’d like to appear first upon selecting Member Cards to scan in. Set this under Preferences » Default Member Card.

Program Registration

To view and register for Programs on the app, select the Programs icon on the main menu bar » select category » select class » view details (there is a register button here).

When Register is selected, it sends the user to a web browser to log in and register for that class. Programs are viewed by CENTER* (change location at the top drop-down menu). All OFF-SITE programs cannot currently be viewed within the App (but can be viewed in the web browser).     

Website Schedules

How do schedules appear on the website? 
Our website schedules mirror the design and functionality of the mobile app. View online schedules at


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