May 2018 Survey Results

The key findings of our May 2018 member survey results are below.  In addition, you'll find the results specific to each of our 4 branches by clicking the buttons at the bottom. of this page.


  • Suggestion: Invest in Newer Equipment
    • Action/Response: We have created an ongoing plan of investing in our equipment (cardio, strength, and accessories) for the next five years. We will continue to work on how we can strategically acquire the most technologically advanced equipment and support it with a strong infrastructure that is needed in this wireless day and age. We are researching options so that we might refresh our equipment on a more regular basis, but at this time those options are more expensive and not in line with our current revenue structure. We have recently made upgrades in each of our centers in the last month with new bikes still to come at East Side. They will be state of the art coach by color cycles and are coming to us hot off innovation testing by Matrix. We are excited to be some of the first providers of these new cycles.
  • Suggestion: Consider bringing back Silver Sneakers
    • Action/Response: We ended our relationship with Tivity, the third party provider that connected us with the insurance program that provides Silver Sneakers in January 2018. The Green Bay Y is now working directly with insurance providers to eliminate costs for the insurance providers which in return should put more funds back into your pocket or health care needs.


  • Suggestion: Look at the cost of Membership
    • Action/Response: We strive to show the value of a YMCA membership with the classes, programming and discounts you receive as well as offer scholarships to through Membership for All. It is an easy process and we take many factors into consideration, not just your financial statements. In addition, one of our Strategic Imperatives this year is to relook at our membership categories and fees. We hear you want more flexibility with your membership type as well as a better value. We are researching other Y’s across the state and nation to better understand options and how we can best meet your needs. We are also gathering data and conducting studies to better understand our services as they relate to others in our market and the fair cost and value of those. We hope to have some actions determined by this fall and we will be sure to communicate with you what we find and how we might better meet your needs.


  • Suggestion : Improve our Schedules and Website

    • Action/Response: Thank you for sharing with us that you would like to see a different format from our schedules and website. We have started researching different websites and will also try some new approaches with our scheduling and program registration in the near future. If you have specific ideas or website you would like to share with us, please contact us at 920.436.9622.



“I cannot pick a most important reason.  Exercise opportunities too many to list, friendly and knowledgable staff, nice patrons, and important outreach in our community.  Not to mention, affordable for all!”

“The energy and atmosphere of the YMCA has always been my favorite in comparison to any plain gym and I think that so important to lead a positive journey to becoming healthy!”

“Multiple locations that my family and I can use from home of at work.  Diversity of classes. Value to paid classes for kids.”

“Facilities are excellent and available at reasonable times.  Staff is excellent.”

"There is so much to do at the YMCA. I've tried other gyms but none seem to have nearly amount of things to do, such as classes, swimming pool/sauna, childcare, etc. This gym has it all, and they are very personal."

"Exercising and swimming at the YMCA has helped me immeasurably. For five years I was in a swimming and exercise program that helped me build muscle and stamina. It also virtually eliminated the pain I was experiencing in my knee that my doctors told me I’d have to live with. After I was diagnosed with cancer and completed an operation, chemotherapy and radiation, I was very thankful for the support and concern of all the staff. They encouraged me to get into the LIVESTRONG program which did wonders for my recovery both physically and emotionally."

"The East Side YMCA has fostered a community inside their facility where every individual feels welcomed. Their biggest success in doing that comes from their employee's customaries. They attempt to learn every individual's name, sport, and goals. After learning that information they give you tips and suggestions; so you can reach those goals. A positive place for families, great equipment for experienced lifters and enough options for cardiovascular insurance junkies."

"The YMCA is clean. They have a great day care for a reasonable rate. The classes are fun and there is something for everyone's intetests. I love how it is family oriented and how the y helps give back to the community."

For information on our survey findings specific to each branch and action for improvement, please click below.  This information is also posted in the lobby area, at your Y.

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