Facility Guidelines

In order to provide a safe environment for all our participants, who utilize the YMCA facilities, the following facility use guidelines and policies have been developed. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of all our members in creating a safe atmosphere at the YMCA.

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March 4, 2020: Greater Green Bay put out a general statement regarding our action on COVID-19. Please click to read.

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Below you will find the Greater Green Bay YMCA detailed policies and guidelines for the following areas: Pool, Gym, Track, Racquetball, Wellness Center, Group Exercise, Child Watch (Kids Korner), Locker Rooms, as well as General Facility. To review these guidelines and policies, click on each button to expand section (and click again to collapse section):



  • Children under age 8 must be accompanied by an adult/caregiver (16 years older) in the water and actively supervised at all times. No child will be left unattended in the water or on deck. A caregiver must be within arm’s reach of weak or non-swimmers at all times.

  • Proper swim attire must be worn in the pool and whirlpool. Children are required to wear swim diapers under snug fitting swimsuit if they are not completely toilet trained. No revealing swim suits, cutoffs, t-shirts, shorts, or other loose clothing.

  • Food, drink, and gum are not permitted in pool area (plastic water bottles are OK).

  • All strollers, car seats, and street shoes are to be left in the locker rooms.

  • Please lock your belongings in a locker. The Y is not responsible for personal property that has been lost, damaged, or stolen.

  • Breath holding techniques or activities are prohibited.

  • Water wings and other inflatable devices, face masks or mermaid tails are not permitted in the pools. The Y has swim lesson float belts and Personal Floatation Devices available for use. Coast guard approved PFDs brought from home are acceptable.

  • The Y provides a basket of various pool toys to be used during open swim, please do not bring items from home.

  • Flippers and pool buoys are to be used for circle swimmers only.

  • Profanity, running, or rough play will not be tolerated in the pool area.

  • Diving is allowed in designated areas only. Diving blocks may only be used for instructional purposes. No backward dives, flips or splash entries.

  • Please do not sit or hang on lane lines or life lines, and keep the stair and entry and exit areas clear unless entering or exiting pool.

  • Lap swimmers must circle swim when two or more swimmers share a lane.

  • If a child is asked to perform a swim test, child will jump into pool, submerge, swim 25-yards front crawl in good form followed by treading water for 30 seconds.

  • Please respect all requests made by Aquatics staff. Lifeguards have the authority to disallow any activity deemed unsafe.

  • Pool areas close 10 minutes prior to building closing.


  • We have designated pool viewing areas for lessons, please ask staff on duty to share where these are located.

  • Parents/Caregivers can accompany children on deck the first day of class only, remaining lessons, please watch from viewing area.

  • Street clothes are permitted when accompanying your child on the pool deck, but we ask that you remove your street shoes.

  • For safety reasons, stroller and car seats are not allowed past the locker room doors. 

  • We recommend that parents remain in the building while child (<8 years) is in class should they need assistance in the bathroom or locker room.


  • Ages 14+ may use the whirlpool.

  • Per Wisconsin State Codes, children under 6 years old are NOT permitted in whirlpool.

  • Ages 6-13 may use the whirlpools when accompanied by a parent/caregiver (16 years and older) in the water.

  • Whirlpool temperature is maintained at 101-104 degrees Fahrenheit. Please limit use to 10 minutes.

  • Aerobic exercise and underwater submersion is prohibited in the whirlpool.

  • Whirlpool is not recommended immediately after intense physical activity or after sauna or steam room use.

  • Pregnant women and patrons with epilepsy, cardiovascular or respiratory problems, heart disease, diabetes, or high/low blood pressure should not use whirlpool.

  • Shaving, scents or washing of the body is not allowed.

  • Enter and exit slowly and cautiously.


  • Limit use to 10 minutes.

  • Adults age 19 and older only.

  • Aerobic exercise is prohibited in sauna and steam rooms.

  • Sauna and/or Steam Room is not recommended immediately after intense physical activity or after whirlpool use.

  • Pregnant women and patrons with epilepsy, cardiovascular or respiratory problems, heart disease, diabetes, or high/low blood pressure should not use sauna or steam room.

  • Appropriate swim attire must be worn at all times. Towels are not considered attire. 

  • Shaving, pumice, scents, oils, or washing of body is not allowed.


  • Children riding slide alone must meet height requirement, not need a floatation device to swim, and be comfortable entering the drop zone alone.

  • Children who do not meet the above may ride with a parent/caregiver. For safety, we do not allow catching children at the bottom of the slide.

  • Ride down slide feet first while in a sitting position or lying on your back.

  • Do not stand, kneel or stop in the slide, and no running up the slide.

  • Keep your hands and feet inside while riding down the slide.

  • Stand single file on the slide platform to wait for your turn.

  • After entering the water, immediately clear the area at the bottom of the slide.

  • Follow all instructions of the Slide Attendant and Lifeguard regarding using the slide.

Gym, Track & Racquetball 



  • NO food or drink allowed in the gym. Covered water bottles only.

  • Gym bags and other personal belongings are not to be brought into the gym. Please secure your personal belongings in a locker or designated area while at the Y.

  • Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a caregiver (16+ years) supervised in the gym.

  • No dunking or grabbing on the rims or nets at any time.

  • Proper athletic attire and non-marking athletic shoes must be worn in the gym.

  • Please return all basketballs to the ball racks when finished playing.

  • NO kicking or inappropriate use of equipment or balls, and keep balls away from ceiling, lights and walls.

  • Be respectful of others by refraining from use of profanity, fighting, excessive yelling, unnecessary aggressiveness, and unsportsman-like conduct.

  • Full court basketball is not permitted during open gym times.

  • All members, of any age or skill level, are allowed equal opportunity for gym use and to become involved in any activities taking place during open gym.


  • Ages 6-7 years old may use the track accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

  • Ages 8+ years and older may use the track.

  • For you and your child’s protection, please NO strollers or car seats on the track.

  • Follow directional signage.

  • Walkers on inside lanes, runners on outside lanes.


  • Ages 8+ years and older may reserve and use courts.

  • Ages 6-7 years old must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

  • Protective eyewear highly recommended. Check out racquets and balls at the member service desk.

Wellness Center & Group Exercise Areas


  • Ages <8: Members and guests age 7 and under are not permitted in the Wellness Center.

  • Ages 8-10: After the Family Wellness Center Orientation is completed, members and guests ages 8-10 may use the wellness center cardio machines only if accompanied at all times by a parent/caregiver (ages 16+). Orange wristband must be worn to identify orientation is complete.

  • Ages 11-13: After a Youth Wellness Center Orientation is completed, members and guests ages 11-13 may use the Wellness Center excluding the free weights. Green wristband must be worn to identify orientation is complete.

  • Ages 14+: Members and guests age 14 and older may have full access to the Wellness Center.

  • Be mindful of others. Allow others to perform a set and work through while you are at rest.

  • Don’t drop heavy weights or dumbbells or “bang” weights. Spotters are recommended in the free weight area.

  • Re-rack your weights. Always return equipment to the proper storage area when you are finished.

  • Keep our Wellness Center clean. Wipe off machines and equipment with provided disinfectant wipes after each use. Return used workout towels to a towel drop bin.

  • Lock up gym bags, coats & personal items. Lockers prevent loss and create a clean culture.

  • Proper workout attire and clean shoes are required. No open-toed shoes.

  • Be courteous of using cell phones and personal devices when in the Wellness Center.  Personal music without earbuds is not allowed.

  • No food or drink allowed in the exercise areas. Covered and contained water bottles only.

  • Outside personal trainers are not permitted to train clients within the Y. The Y has personal trainers available on staff.


  • Ages 6+: May participate in Family Fitness Classes

  • Ages 8-13: May participate in Youth Fitness Classes

  • Ages 14+: Members and guests age 14 and older are welcome to participate in any group exercise class.

  • For safety of all class participants, children not participating in a class are not to be in the group exercise studio during class. Kids Korner (Child Watch) is available for children under age 8.

  • Please respect other members and guests and wait until classes have ended before setting up equipment for a following class.

  • Out of courtesy to other members and guests, do not interrupt fitness classes that are in session.

  • It is your responsibility to put away all equipment used in fitness classes.

  • Equipment for each fitness class is provided. Personal items & equipment are not permitted in the studios. Please use lockers or designated area.

  • Food, drink and gum is not permitted in the class areas, covered water bottles only.

Kids Korner


  • Parents MUST remain at the same YMCA Center as their child(ren) while utilizing Kids Korner. Parents must remain in the facility.

  • The maximum time a child may remain in Kids Korner is 5 hours per day, 3 hours maximum consecutively, with at least a 1-hour break between visits.

  • Please check in and out yourself on the forms provided each time you use Kids Korner.

  • Kids Korner is designed for children ages 6 weeks to 7 years old. Older children are welcome, but please remember the environment is for the younger child.

  • No snacks are permitted in Kids Korner. Sippy/no-spill cups may be brought in and must be labeled with the child’s name. Labeled bottles can be given per your request and must be prepared by you ahead of time.

  • If the child experiences a long period of adjustment (i.e. continued crying after being comforted for 10-15 minutes), the staff will contact you to return to comfort your child, or remove from Kids Korner.

  • If the behavior of the child is inappropriate for interaction in a group setting, the parent will be notified. For extreme behavior, the YMCA reserves the right to ask that a child not return for a specified period of time.

  • Parents must furnish supplies in a LABELED bag. If not completely toilet trained, please use a pull-up, diaper, etc. and include wipes, extra pants, etc. Your child will not be allowed to stay in Kids Korner without the appropriate supplies.

  • Kids Korner will close early if there are no children checked in 30 minutes prior to the regular closing time.

  • As part of our security system, parents receive a numbered tag which corresponds to their child’s label and the sign in sheet. The parent keeps this tag with them during their workout. These numbers are matched when the parent returns to pick up their child. The number must be returned to Kids Korner after each visit.

  • Shoes must be worn in Kids Korner. Exception: non-walkers. During the winter months when boots are worn and shoes are forgotten, boots will be worn.

  • Please refer to our website at www.greenbayymca.org or see our Member Service Desk for current Kids Korner hours.

  • Two payment options are offered:
         1. Monthly Pass Plan
         2. Pay-As-You-Go Cards
    Both options are purchased at the Member Service Desk.

  • Pay-As-You-Go cards expire after 1 year of non-use. These cards can be refunded if there is a $10 or more balance. Cards under $10 will be credited to your YMCA account. All refund requests/transfers are done by the Kids Korner Coordinator. No refunds will be given for the Monthly Pass Plan.

Locker Rooms & General Facility 


  • Men’s (Male 19+) and Women’s (Female 19+) are reserved for adults ages 19 and older only. For the respect and comfort of all members, children under age 19 are not allowed in adult locker room at any time.

  • Family Locker Rooms (Green) is for use by an adult with opposite sex children and people with special needs only. Family locker rooms are Co-Ed, clothing is required. Private changing areas are to be used when changing youth and adults.

  • Adults with children of the same gender and anyone under age 19 are to use the appropriate Youth Male (Boys) or Youth Female (Girls) locker rooms. 

  • Lockers are for daily use only. Unauthorized locks left overnight will be cut and contents removed. Permanent Lockers in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms may be rented for a monthly fee. 

  • Please lock your items in a locker. Locks are available for purchase at the Member Service Desk.

  • Cell phone and camera use of any kind is prohibited in the locker rooms.


  • All members much present their membership card at Welcome Center desk each time they enter. Guests must register and show photo ID with Member Services Desk to gain access to facility.

  • All persons are expected to behave in a way that shows respect and caring for others. Please review YMCA Code of Conduct.

  • The Y requires that children under 8 years old be accompanied and actively supervised by a parent/caregiver (16+ years).

  • The Y reserves the right to take photographs of members and guests participating in YMCA activities to be used in promotional literature.

  • Members and guests are to identify themselves to staff when asked.

  • The Y is not responsible for any accidents. All individuals participate at their own risk. Please immediately report any accident or emergency to the Welcome Desk. Our staff is trained to assist in emergency situations.

  • Service animals that are trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability is allowed in our facilities. Emotional support animals, comfort animals and therapy dogs are not service animals under ADA, and therefore not allowed in our facilities. Pets and all other species of animals or dogs that are not service animals as not allowed in our facilities.