Membership Policies

We reserve the right to enforce all YMCA policies. Failure to adhere to any and all of these may result in loss of membership privileges. Please ask your friendly front desk staff if you have any questions!

YMCA Check In

YMCA members and community participants are required to check in at the Welcome Center desk at each visit for security purposes. Membership photos or photo ID is required.


Membership Cards & Photo IDs

Safety is the cornerstone of our facility operations, and member cards (and photo IDs) are essential tools to maintaining safety at all Y locations.

All members 8 years and older receive membership cards. Members under 8 years old must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver who possesses a membership card. Youth <8 years will be checked in manually.

We require that all members, adult and children have a current photo on file in our system. Having pictures of adults and children in our software system ensures those entering into the Y are who they say they are and that our children are with the adults identified on their membership unit. 

Your membership card is very important. Please keep track of it and present it at the welcome center every time you enter a Y location. If you happen to arrive without your card, you may show another form of photo ID such as your driver license to secure entry. The barcode, located on the back of your card, may also be entered into your smart phone/watch using the Green Bay Y app.

If you card does not scan, we will verify your membership by other means, such as an additional form of identification, while you wait. If we find your membership is not current, you may not enter the Y.

Never loan your Y card or transfer your membership to someone else, these actions are grounds for membership privileges suspension.


Nationwide Membership Program

Nationwide membership offers members access to more than 2700 YMCA’s all over the country. Valid for full facility Y members. Nationwide member visitors must use their home Y 50% of the time.


Sex Offender Policy

To help enhance the safety of the members, guests and staff in our facilities, the Y monitors the sexual offender registry. Persons on the registry will not be eligible for membership, guest access or program participation with the YMCA.

Membership Guest Privileges 

Members can bring in 2 community members or guests at a time by purchasing a day pass. Photo ID and day pass application must be completed on all guests. YMCA members are responsible for their guests and must remain in facility.

Refunds & Credits

Credits and refunds are given for the following reasons:

  • Medical condition prevents you from participating
  • YMCA cancels the class (excluding weather cancellations)
  • You transfer to a program with a lower price

Credits expire one year from the date of issue. Please see the member service desk if you need a credit or refund.

Cancellations & Closures 

All cancellation and facility closures are posted to our website, app, and social media sites. Reminder that programs canceled due to inclement weather are not refundable.

Bank Draft Cancellation

To cancel your membership, a cancellation form must be completed and returned to the Member Service Desk. The cancellation form must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the intended termination date.

The monthly draft plan is a continuous membership and will continue until notification to the Y IN WRITING IN PERSON. 

We cannot refund the prepaid portion of your membership. Cancellation of membership is not necessarily cancellation of Annual Campaign deductions and vice versa. 

Member rates are available to individuals who maintain their membership status throughout the entire program duration. If member status changes during a program session, you will be responsible for the prorated, general public rate.

Bank Changes

Please allow 30 days for all back changes to go through.  

Membership/Account Change request for drafts on the 1st of the month must be received by the 25th of the month prior to when you wish to make the change effective. Membership/Accounts Change requests for drafts on the 15th must be received by the 10th of the month. The Y is not responsible for any service or overdraft charges.

Membership Rate Changes

Membership rates are subject to change. Members who age into a different membership category will be automatically transferred to the new category and drafted at the new rate. 

All members will be notified in writing prior to any increase in membership category rates. 

Unpaid Fees

Following one month of unpaid membership fees, the Y reserves the right to suspend/hold/terminate membership privileges. The membership will be cancelled if payment has not been made prior to the following draft date. To rejoin or use any Green Bay Y facilities or programs, all past due fees must be paid in full. Credit Card declines/EFT returns may be subject to a $25 fee.

Membership Assistance Program

The YMCA provides membership and program services to anyone regardless of ability to pay. Financial assistance is made possible through contributions to our Annual Campaign. For information, call 920 436 9622.

Program Fees & Payments

Full class fees must be paid at the time of registration to guarantee your spot. Declined or returned payments must be paid within 48 hours to ensure your participation in YMCA programs.

Waitlists for Programs

Members and the general public may be waitlisted for any class that is full. When a class spot opens, the available spot goes to the first person on the waitlist. When contact has been made through phone conversation or a voice message, there is a 24-hour time period to respond. Once that period has lapsed, the opening will go to the next person on the list. Please contact the front desk for further details.

Informed Consent For Program And Recreation Participation

All forms of physical activity involve a risk of injury. By voluntary participation in YMCA programs and activities, you assume and accept any and all risks of injury related to that activity.