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Although Women's History Month will be ending, the YMCA celebrates the accomplishments and contributions that the women at the YMCA provide year-round. Beginning with women like Ellen Brown, the first female YMCA employee, women at the Y have been trailblazers for equality and continued success in the workplace and in the community. At the Greater Green Bay YMCA, we want to recognize some of those women who are empowering future generations to achieve and lead.  

Linda Dewitt - Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Linda Dewitt has been a part of the Y for nearly 30 years! In that time, Linda has made an impact serving in several roles, leading her to achieve her current position as Vice President & Chief Development Officer, overseeing the fundraising that supports Y programs. 

How does the YMCA empower you to be a voice for women?

Through my participation in the leadership group, I am encouraged to voice my opinions and help shape the direction of YMCA programs and policies.  I started at the Y teaching preschool classes at $3.85 an hour and through hard work and dedication, rose to the position I am in now.  My story is a great example of how everyone can have a meaningful career in the Y.  I was very fortunate to have great female role models before me.

How have you made the YMCA a better place for women? 

There are many women in key leadership roles in our YMCA.  It is important for us to support each other and lift each other up.  We are all stronger together and I am fortunate to have great coworkers.  Our YMCA is very flexible for working mom’s allowing them to be there for their families with a flexible work schedule and still excel in their career. 

Kathleen McKee - Vice President of Programs & Innovation

Kathleen McKee began her YMCA journey 23 years ago, serving in Camping Services at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya for 15 years. Kathleen currently serves as Vice President of Program & Innovations where she has expanded the scope of work the YMCA does in the community. 

How does the YMCA empower you to be a voice for women?
Even my most ridiculous and ambitious ideas have been supported and nurtured, and have hopefully given women and girls the confidence to try something bold and audacious. My hope is that through the work that we do each day that we have listened to the voices of all youth and all genders to be able to lift them up and ensure that they feel heard, valued, and have opportunities for success. My greatest joys have come from witnessing the leadership development and growth of youth in our programs or new staff members as they discover their strengths and potential at the Y.

How have you made the YMCA a better place for women? 

I feel lucky to be a part of a group of women leaders in our Y and community who lead with intention each day. I definitely stand on the shoulders of the phenomenal women who have paved the path for women at the Y before me. My sincere desire is that through some of the Y programs, relationships and teams that I have been a part of, that we have been able to provide more opportunities for all. No one does this work alone, so I give all credit and gratitude to the strong women around me!

Sherri Valitchka - Vice President of Marketing & Communications 

Sherri Valitchka currently serves as Vice President of Marketing & Communications, though her story began 15 years ago as Director of Marketing and Communications. For nearly 16 years now, Sherri has been amplifying the voices of women at the YMCA. 

How does the YMCA empower you to be a voice for women?

As a senior leader at the Y, I have the honor of serving the community through a few volunteer roles providing marketing support including service on the Communications Committee for the Greater Green Bay Women’s Fund which directly impacts women and girls. I advocate, educate, and tell stories of impact to the community so there is an understanding that the Y is for all, and that it is so much more than “gym” and “swim.” 
How have you made the YMCA a better place for women? 

At the Y, we provide the people, the places, and the programs to make lives better and strengthen the community. We are a convener of like-minded individuals and have a vibrant network to support, and to simply believe in family. A female head of household is often the pillar of strength at the forefront of ‘family,’ whatever the family structure may be. If I can indirectly help to strengthen a family, I am indirectly making the community stronger. If I can indirectly impact an energy shift for goodness, kindness and caring, that is enough for me. There is power in the everyday, day-to-day!