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Jamie Rogers family pic

Raised in Platteville, WI, Jamie attended UW-Platteville and earned a degree in Communications and Public Relations. Following her graduation, Jamie moved to southern Mississippi in 2005 to aid in the recovery process following Hurricane Katrina. Her volunteer efforts helped to rebuild and restore the lives of people who had lost so much in the storm.

In 2012, she moved back to Wisconsin and landed in the capitol city of Madison. While she appreciated the city life and its vast culture, she missed the sense of community that smaller cities had to offer, and after reconnecting with an old friend from college, she moved to Green Bay – where that friend became her husband.

Now with two little girls, Jamie is grateful for the community she lives in and the opportunities she’s had within the Y to bring her closer to her faith. Having taught herself guitar in college, she now expresses her passion of faith through music by volunteering in the musical ministry and welcome center of her church.

When she isn’t at the Y or shredding guitar at her church, Jamie enjoys crafting! Most recently she has taken up the art of macramé and is also working with stained glass. Though she doesn’t sell any of her art yet, we are all waiting in anticipation for the day she does!

Jamie’s favorite movie is Twister, the 1996 action film about storm chasing, and her favorite local restaurant is Pila’s Kitchen, a Southeast Asian place on Webster Ave –both of which come highly recommended.

As one of the faces who greets members nearly every day, Jamie is a familiar and welcoming presence at the Ferguson Y. Jamie wasn’t always a Member Services Staff, though. Once upon a time she resided on the corporate floor where she worked as the Account Receivable and Program Coordinator, handling all things money and website-based. She says back then it was purely business, but now in her current position, the dynamic has changed for the better because she gets to know people and their stories.

While doing this interview, actually, Jamie was gifted frozen fish caught by a Y member! She says a lot of times people will bring in treats or desserts, but this was the first time she had received fish. How FIN-tastic!

Thanks for brightening up our Y, Jamie!