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Did you know there are over 50 parks within the city of Green Bay?! Many people use the parks for brisk morning walks or runs, but you can do so much more! YMCA360 can transform your next workout into an experience. With any device that can connect to the internet, you can achieve your goals while exploring your city. Check out our list of five local spots to practice healthy mind and body activities while using our virtual platform:

Leicht Park:

Located on the shoreline of the Fox River, this park is a peaceful 7.98 acres of nature trails, picnic areas and shore fishing. Take advantage of the stunning scenery and lush grass by rolling out that yoga mat and getting your Zen on! Practice yoga and meditation with YMCA360 classes offering levels ranging from gentle, beginner, intermediate, to power yoga. Add on a Tai Chi class and guided meditation for ultimate tranquility.

Pamperin Park:

Pamperin Park is the largest developed park in Brown County! With free Wi-Fi available near the stone pavilion, this area boasts astounding views and dense greenery to make your next workout extra oxygenated. Try utilizing the personal training program provided by YMCA360 or go on an adventure with the family down the various trails to participate in nature journaling, located in the YMCA360 camp activities section.

Astor Park:

Found in the quaint Astor neighborhood, this park is well-loved thanks to the tight-knit community surrounding it. Enjoy access to the park’s basketball court to practice your dribbling, passing, shooting, and more with over 20 videos for all skill levels on YMCA360! You’ll be coached through training techniques that will improve your game all while soaking up that sunshine to benefit your brain.

Edison Park:

With 16.27 acres of land, Edison park is home to a track and field equipped with all you’ll need to practice your football or soccer skills. Well, except for a coach. Lucky for you, YMCA360 hosts programming for both football and soccer! Learn the fundamentals step-by-step in these 5 course programs that will have you tackling every goal.

City Deck:

For those looking for less intensity, make your way downtown to the City Deck at sunrise for “Silver Stretch” or “Chair Stretch.” Start your day by releasing muscle tension and staying flexible with safe, simple exercises while you overlook the stunning Fox River and listen to the morning song birds. With an abundance of seating all across the dock, you’ll have everything you need for a peaceful workout.

*YMCA360 is free for all members.

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