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Abigail has worked for the YMCA for almost one month now! Though she may be new to the Y, her experience in wellness training is full of success stories; one client lost nearly 100 pounds working with her and another client found pain relief through restorative programs that Abigail guided! These stories, as well as many others, inspire her to continue serving her community through wellness. 

Originally from Howards Grove, Wisconsin, Abigail moved to Green Bay two and a half years ago. She says her and her husband love the people and see it as a great place to raise their family. With a one-year-old son, Abigail says her biggest motivation is being a role model for him. 

She loves to take their two family dogs to the nearby field and let them run around. She is currently renovating her home and she also enjoys listening to podcasts about life, children, and marriage – she is always looking for suggestions!

Abigail has always been passionate about fitness and running. Having started out as a non-profit major in school, she realized that she alone couldn’t help everyone. That’s when she discovered kinesiology, where she can help people reach their goals and encourage self-love. Now, she helps every one of her clients improve their lives through a non-profit – the Y! Truly the best of both worlds.

Abigail’s personal training philosophy echoes her passion for helping people:

“My philosophy is first and foremost “do no harm.” I will make sure you are always safe and that what we are doing will not make you feel worse. I will not load dysfunction; we will work on corrective exercise to make your body stronger and move better so we can achieve your goals. I also want that goal to be positive, not negative, because everyone could use a little more self-love.”

In the future, Abigail sees herself continuing to help the “everyday athlete” by utilizing her exceptional patience and passion for the wellness community. She hopes to be in a program that helps individuals with Parkinson’s. 

If you’re interested in setting up a consultation with Abigail, you can reach her at the West Side Y.

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