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Craig Congdon personal trainer feature

Craig Congdon is a personal trainer who has been working for the YMCA since 2005 – that’s almost 16 years of experience! Having relocated from Atlanta, GA, Craig says he enjoys Green Bay’s sense of community as well as the varied history. 

Craig is passionate about helping others through sharing his training knowledge. As a kid and throughout his adult life, Craig has been very active, but sustained injuries due to poor coaching. 

“Throughout sports I have had 25-30 different coaches. It was always jump higher, go faster, get stronger. None of these came with good form recommendation. As a result, I became injured multiple times. It is good to share [my] knowledge so others do not go through the same injuries."

Craig says he keeps his clients motivated by listening to understand and then connecting the dots to provide them a clear road to success. Craig is inspired by others, watching them grow over time and achieve the results they want. 

When asked to share a success story he was a part of, Craig responded that there are many.

“Success stories range from listening in a venting session that allows the individual to think more clearly all the way to helping guide to the completion of an otherwise unsurmountable arduous endurance task. All are successes.”

Maintaining client morale also means making sure everyone takes a day, he says.

On Craig’s days off, he enjoys working in the yard, gardening, and doing home improvement projects. His favorite workouts are the ones that make him sweat the most, so a run in the summer heat while listening to classic rock music is just his style.

Craig’s advice for starting your health journey is to take it one step at a time.  

“One day at a time. Each is a success. Be proud of that success and keep moving forward. Be consistent over time, not for a period of time.”

If you would like to reach out to Craig for a consultation about your health journey, he can be contacted at

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