The Greater Green Bay YMCA offers part-time unpaid internships for college students in a variety of areas which may include: Health & Fitness, Youth Teen & Family, Human Resources and Marketing/Graphic Design.

Please contact Brenda Kopke at 436 9649 or for more information.

My Y Story...

Aaron - SACC

Our son Aaron started attending the School Age Child Care program when he was 6 years old. His teacher recommended it to our family to help provide him with an opportunity to interact with other children during the summer. Aaron has Asperger Syndrome so relating and interacting with his peers can be a challenge. When he first started the program he had a hard time keeping his hands to himself, had difficulty getting along with his peers and would not accept responsibly for his actions. The staff made a bracelet for Aaron that had three beads on it. If he lost his 3 beads throughout the day he was unable to go to the gym which was one of his favorite times of the day. By having this visual for him he became aware of his actions and the consequences of his actions. Each summer was better than the last, to the point that this past summer he no longer needed the bracelet. He fits in with his peer group and has learned to make positive choices that will help him succeed. Aaron is looking forward to taking on a leadership role by being a junior leader this summer.