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Updated May 14, 2021

The Greater Green Bay YMCA will follow the CDC guidelines regarding wearing masks. Individuals who are fully vaccinated can be without a mask and those who are not yet vaccinated will continue to be asked to wear a facial covering. The Y has committed to following the CDC guidelines and we will continue to do so.
Members and program participants (ages 5-11) or anyone not vaccinated will be required to wear a facial covering/mask while entering and exiting the building and throughout the facility in common areas.  

The Y values of respect, responsibility, honesty and caring are foundational. The Y staff will assume our members follow the same values and we will not be requiring proof of vaccination for members and guests.  

Beginning on May 13, any one age 12+ is eligible to receive a COVID-19 Vaccine. We will continue to require masks in the following area until we hear further recommendations from the CDC or there is a change in vaccine eligibility.  

Child Watch – All Y staff and children over the age of 5 must still wear masks.  

School Age Staff – Schools are still masking so any Y programs that are in those facilities should still be wearing masks inside. 

Offsite Y Program Staff – Follow the facility rules of our host’s site. 

Youth Programming - Youth Sports and Sports League participants who are not yet vaccinated need to wear a mask with the exception of outside activities. 

Y Staff – Staff that are vaccinated may remove mask once documentation has been provided to supervisor. All staff not providing documentation will be required to mask up to ensure a safe work environment for all.