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Y Stories

One wouldn’t think that anything good could ever come out of having cancer, but it has.

My husband and I joined the free, 12-week LiveStrong® at the YMCA program and staff welcomed us with open and caring arms. We had a small, close and supportive LiveStrong at the Y group that we worked out with twice each week. My husband and I grew stronger, healthier, and closer. We became part of an empathetic group of cancer survivors working out to get strong and stay strong.

Quite honestly, the LiveStrong at the YMCA and Stay Strong programs are the rainbows at the end of our cancer journeys. We truly believe there is some good that can come of adversity…you just have to look for it.
 ~Sharon and Doug

2020_Doug and Sharon

My husband Dwayne was diagnosed in 2006 with Leukemia. This news changed everything. Then, I was just 24 years old. This news created a lot of stress, both mentally and financially, and I couldn’t justify keeping my Y membership. In reality, the Y was exactly what I needed. My nephew mentioned a program called “Membership For All,” which allowed him to come to the Y as a young boy through his teen years. I had no idea how many people the Y helped through this program. After joining the Y, I became an active participant in as many Zumba classes I could take. This was my outlet. I needed the Y. As my husband’s health became more stable, I made the decision to become a Zumba instructor. He was so proud of me and for years encouraged me to grow my knowledge in health and fitness.
After a 10-year fight, I watched the last moments of Dwayne’s life peacefully drift away. I knew he no longer had to deal with pain or sickness.
The community of friends I made over 10 years at the Y was my support team. I even met my incredible fiancé at the Y! I became very passionate about fitness and was loving the impact I was having on the Y community.
If not for the Membership for All Program, I can honestly say I’m not sure where I would be today. You may never know the impact you can have on one single person. The Y staff and members believed in me!

Carrie McKeefrey

I am a military veteran and the YMCA has been a lifesaver.
When I got discharged, I lost my security blanket. One day I was in the military enjoying the camaraderie and support with my fellow soldiers and the next day I was cast into civilian life. I struggled with legal issues, substance abuse, and mental health issues, and eventually landed in Veterans Treatment Court.
While in the program, I was able to get a free membership to the Y. Little did I know what a true gift that was. Along with various treatment opportunities, assigned mentors, strict accountability, and a second chance to escape the slippery slope I was on, I was able to rebound from my issues. The YMCA has been a crucial part of my overall success, remaining a part of my life to this day.
For me, the YMCA is more than just a place to work out; it's a place where I can decompress and truly take care of my overall health. The YMCA has been a part of my daily routine and I look forward to going to enjoy camaraderie once again with friends I’ve met. It’s a place my family also enjoys, a place where my daily issues feel a little less daunting for a brief moment, and a place that is always there for me.
Everyone has a rough idea of what the Y is, whether you know it as your local gym where you can go to get fit, get your children into some programs, or go spend some time on the weekend and swim a bit. The Y is so much more. As long as the doors are open I will be there getting more than just a quick workout or taking a swim.

Jacob Grundy

After living in four states in four years due to work, it wasn't until we moved to Green Bay that we finally felt that we'd found our home.
By the time we moved here, we had two children, one of whom was a son with autism. While we were establishing our life in Green Bay, we needed a safe haven for our children to grow, learn, and play. The Y was that and so much more. Through dance, gymnastics, and Child Watch, our daughter was able to spread her wings. Our son decided he wanted to join in once we enrolled her in private swim lessons with Lauren.
A very special swim instructor communicated using American Sign Language (ASL) until he was comfortable being in the pool. After that instructor left the area, his new swim instructor, Owen, became his best buddy. These two amazing young people helped our son learn the true values that the Y embodies for community: Kindness. Growth. Support.
This is Our Y.
~The Hansen Family
(pictured with Y staff, Owen and Lauren)

Hansen Family


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