Membership Rates

Start with your base membership:Monthly RateJoiner Fee
Youth* (0-18) $19
Young Adult* (19-29) $28 $50
Adult (19-64)  $45 $50
Household (2 adults plus dependent children to age 23) $69 $50
65+ Adult (65+) $40 $50
Add on other members of your household:Monthly RateJoiner Fee
Adult (per adult in the household) $15 N/A
Children (all in your household OR your grandchildren)      $12 N/A
*cannot add on to Youth and Young Adult membership types

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Membership For All

The Y is affordable for All! The heart of the YMCA's mission is to serve all people in our community. That's why we offer income-based membership, which is funded by donations from local families and organizations to the Y's Annual Campaign. Income-based membership gives kids, families, and adults the opportunity to pay the monthly membership fee that best aligns to their household income.

No one fee fits every individual's situation. A $25 joining fee will apply for income-based membership applications.

To join the Y, visit any of our locations. If you would like to be considered for a rate based on your household income, indicate that to a Member Services staff member. Income verification is required for all household income contributors to determine your Membership For All rate.

What to Bring Along to your Membership For All consult:

Please bring a photo ID with your birth date and submit a complete copy of the Federal Tax Form 1040, last 2 pay stubs for all adults in your home, along with documentation of any other form of income. (Examples include: social security benefit statement, disability benefit statement.)

If you do not have a copy of your most recent tax return or did not file income taxes last year, you may obtain a copy of your taxes or a letter of verification by calling the IRS at (800) 829-1040 or at www.irs.gov.

'Membership For All' helps to ensure that everyone belongs at the YMCA, regardless of income level. The Y has a pricing model that makes membership accessible and affordable through a variety of contributions to the Y's Annual Campaign. Collectively, we can make a difference and an impact for healthier living in spirit, mind and body for all. With the help of our community we stay committed to being an affordable place where every body can come and exercise, play and connect with others.

You may pay your membership dues in one of two ways:

Bank/Credit Card Draft
An easy way to pay! Debit your credit card or bank account once per month for as long as you are a member.

Annual Payment
Dues may be paid in full upon joining and yearly thereafter. Payment is accepted via cash, check, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.