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Green Bay YMCA Summer Camps 2020

All of our camps share one mission: to encourage character growth through caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Regardless of which camp you choose, you can be sure that the camp staff is committed to developing these traits through our camp activities.

Registration for YMCA Camps Wabansi and U-Nah-Li-Ya are open now. Registration for YMCA Kamp Kermit and YMCA KIDS Camp opens January 27, 2020. Our 2020 All Camp Guide is available for viewing below!

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All Camp Guide Cover 2020
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Choose Your Y Camp Adventure...

Kamp Kermit
Your 4 or 5-year old child enjoys interacting with a smaller group of children and is comfortable being away from home for a half-day experience. Click here for more information on Kamp Kermit.

Your 5-10 year old child can comfortably spend the whole day away from home, enjoys being around many other children in an urban setting, likes being outdoors, or may be trying out full-day camp for the first time. Click here for more information on KIDS Camp.

Camp Wabansi
Your 7-12 year old child is striving for independence, can handle feeling further away from home, enjoys outdoor exploration and activities, or is ready to try spending one night at camp in order to try overnight camp in the future. Click here for more information on Camp Wabansi.

Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya
Your 7-17 year old child has had positive experiences away from home, is striving for independence, or is ready for an overnight camping adventure. YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya is a traditional overnight camp located 65 miles north of Green Bay. Click here for more information on Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya.

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4 Reasons to Choose YMCA Camps

#1 Your camper is immersed in our YMCA Character Development Program: This program is tried and true. YMCA camps purposefully teach four core values including caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. This program has been around so long, your child’s grandparents…maybe even great grandparents, could have experienced this aspect of YMCA camping.

#2 We are nationally recognized and community focused: The YMCA is not running one camp in one city. There are THOUSANDS of YMCA camps around the world developing our rich history by running beautiful camps every day! In Green Bay alone we run two urban day camps, one traditional day camp and one overnight camp. That is four camps!

#3 We train year round, not just for summer camp: The Green Bay Y utilizes resources from around the country. With support from Y of the USA and the American Camping Association, we build the best programming possible and continuously work to improve our already amazing opportunities!

#4 We have the skills to help develop campers from ages 4-17: Your camper can launch their camping experience as early as 4 years old. Many of our campers stay connected throughout their lives. Campers become Junior Counselors…who become Camp Counselors…who become well prepared adults, ready to embrace life’s adventures!

All of our camp staff are at least 18 years of age, undergo criminal background checks, are certified in First Aid and CPR, and receive extensive pre-camp training. Kamp Kermit and KIDS Camp are licensed by the State of Wisconsin and both of our off-site camps, Camp Wabansi and Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya, are accredited by the American Camp Association by satisfying hundreds of health, safety, and program quality standards. By selecting a Green Bay YMCA camp, you are investing in a safe, fun, and memorable experience for your child.