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Studio Dance Program

Studio Dance is a 21–week program that culminates in a performance with full stage lights and costumes. This program is designed to enhance your child’s love of dance in a non-competitive environment. Students will not only learn dance steps but how to put these together into routines. Our goal is to build the love of dance in each child in a fun and caring atmosphere. Additional Costume fee will apply ($45-60 per class).

2019 2020 Studio Dance BrochureStudio Dance Classes

Child must turn the listed age by December 1st.

Dancin' for Fun         Age 3       30 Minute Class
Kinder Dance Age 4 40 Minute Class
Beginner Dance Ages 5-6    45 Minute Class
Intermediate Dance         Ages 7+ 45 Minute Class
Advanced Dance Ages 8+ 60 Minute Class
Beginning Pom Squad/Hip Hop     Ages 6-8 45 Minute Class
Intermediate Pom Squad/Hip Hop      Ages 9+ 45 Minute Class
Advanced Pom Squad/Hip Hop  Ages 10+          60 Minute Class

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What will my child learn in Studio Dance?

Dancin' For Fun  age 3

Introduction to the art of dance focusing on the basics of ballet and tap. Class will develop and enhance gross motor skills, listening skills and positive peer interaction through imagination activities and games. 

Kinder Dance  age 4

Whether student is new to dance or have never taken a class before they will enjoy learning tap and ballet skills through movement games and imagination activities. Class will continuing to build on listening skills and positive peer interactions.

Acro Dance  age 8 - 12

Focusing on strength, balance, and improving flexibility to develop the skills and control to executive basic to intermediate tumbling skills. Progression of skills will vary depending on each individual student.

Beginner Ballet, Tap Jazz  ages 5 - 6

Built on the basic movements learned in Kinder Dance but still appropriate for the first-time dancer. Students will learn ballet, tap and jazz terminology along with engaging activities to help with coordination and balance. This class will strengthen their bodies and flexibility for the next level of dance.

Intermediate Ballet & Jazz  ages 7+

This class will build on the Beginner class while introducing more challenging repertoire of skills and combinations in Ballet and Jazz. Students balance, flexibility, and coordination will continue to be challenged in this 45 minutes class.

Advanced Ballet & Jazz  ages 8+

Speed and complexity of routines will develop confidence and stamina in Ballet and Jazz technique. More attention to detail, speed, and execution will take place in this 40 minute class. Designed for students with experience, students need instructor permission to enroll.

Intermediate Tap  ages 8+

Building off of the Beginner class students will focus on more challenging steps and rhythms while working on balance and coordination. Tappers feet won’t stop moving in this high energy class designed to build skills and confidence.

Advanced Tap  ages 10+

Continuing building on the skills learned in the Intermediate class. Students will add faster tempos, more challenging rhythms and syncopations as they become more fluid rhythm tappers. This fast paced class requires past experience. Students will need instructor permission to enroll.

Beginner Poms & Hip Hop  ages 6 - 8
A great introduction to age appropriate Pom and Hip Hop skills. Class will encourage students to dance outside the box while focusing on fundamentals of each style. Age-appropriate music will be used. 

Intermediate Poms & Hip Hop  ages 9+

Students will focus on more complex floor patterns and combinations. Building on the Beginner class students will work on finding their personality in each movement and combination. Age-appropriate music will be used. 

Advanced Poms & Hip Hop  ages 10+

Continuing to build on the Intermediate class students will focus on more challenging skills, formations and overall movement. More attention to detail, speed and execution will take place in this 60-minute class. Students must have instructor permission to enroll. Age-appropriate music will be used.