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Sustainable Life Choices

Webster defines the word sustainable as the following: able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed. In layman’s terms, sustainable is something you can continue to do for a long dura... read more


De-Stress With Kellen's Favorite Stretches

Let me tell you, I have been stressed lately and that's okay! Did you know the most common symptoms of stress are headaches, back pain, and decreased energy levels? Life is messy, and it's okay that i... read more


Know Your Nutrition

Part of eating a healthy diet is knowing what healthy is. And while that statement may sound strange, because it would seem obvious what “healthy” is, our food system and their marketing campaigns, ha... read more


Assess Your Spring Readiness

There is sunlight at the end of this winter’s tunnel. Early darkness and sub-zero temperatures are finally making way for a renewing spring feeling. Just as the change in season brings a fresh start, ... read more


Stay Fit While Traveling: Spring Break Edition

I know what you are thinking as you read this headline. “Isn’t going on vacation supposed to mean taking a relaxing break from everything, including my workouts?” Yes you should relax during your vaca... read more


What Is All The Hype About Protein?

Protein is a popular topic of conversation in the fitness and nutrition world. And, it has trickled into the conversation of average people who may not necessarily be serious with fitness or nutrition... read more


Nutrition Goals

The new year has come and gone and resolutions may have been started and already stopped. For those resolutions that included things like: losing weight, starting a new diet plan, clean eating, managi... read more


Fitness Facility Etiquette

Committing to a health and fitness routine is an admirable endeavor. Going to the gym on a regular basis requires willpower, effective scheduling, and organized priorities. Whether you are heading to ... read more


Strength Training or Cardio?

Personal Trainers get this question all the time... and the answer is usually “you need to do both.” While this is true I believe the answer is not so cut and dry. Many factors figure into the equatio... read more


Getting Healthy (Mind and Body) Made Easy!

Deciding to lead a healthier lifestyle does not need to be a monumental task! While I agree it will involve change and some effort, please don’t over think it. To help you get started on your journey ... read more