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Holiday Tips, Planning and Research

Often times the holidays aren’t met with as much enthusiasm, especially for those of you whom are embarked on a weight management journey. But you should not despair! The holidays do not have to be re... read more


Holiday Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic

As early as it may seem, some people have already finished their holiday shopping. For everyone else, we are in luck. There are still a few weeks left before the holiday season, giving us plenty of ti... read more


Getting Healthy (Mind and Body) Made Easy

Deciding to lead a healthier lifestyle does not need to be a monumental task!  While I agree it will involve change and some effort, please don’t over think it.To help you get started on your journey ... read more


Q & A with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I acknowledge that there are a lot of ingredients in a recipe for success with clients.  It is not merely an appointment for exercise.  It includes the ingredients; g... read more


Strength Training or Cardio?

Personal Trainers get this question all the time….and the answer is usually “you need to do both.”  While this is true I believe the answer is not so cut and dry.  Many factors figure into the equati... read more


Lessons Learned on the Diamond

It is an incredible time to be a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a casual observer caught up in the excitement, there is no denying the energy surrounding this team. Ba... read more


How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Personal Training offers accountability, expert knowledge in movement and conditioning, support and guidance through challenging times, and more. However, many people are unsure how to get started on ... read more


Choosing Your Next Event

From yard signs, to social media posts, to TV commercials, it is easy to notice the many opportunities late summer and fall provide to be active. Choosing which of these events to sign up for may not ... read more


Buying Local Benefits Family Budgets & Health

It’s Farmer’s Market Time! And, I’m sure that you have enjoyed some of the wonderful farmer’s markets in the area! If you haven’t, or if you have wondered just how great it is to buy your produce from... read more


Why & How to Beat Inflammation

What is inflammation?Everyone remembers a time when they sprained an ankle or cut open a finger. The response is usually the same: puffy/swollen, probably painful, and signs of redness around the area... read more