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Tips to Feel Normal During Not-So-Normal Times

How are we doing today you guys?! This is a quick check in on all you beautiful people! I know this time is uncertain, and I will be the first to admit that I am feeling a bit stressed out. Just remem... read more


Embrace the Burn: How to Push Through the Toughest Workouts

We have all been there; that point in our workout where we have to decide whether to quit or keep pushing. When it comes time to make this choice, make sure you are prepared. Use the four strategies b... read more


For Health and Longevity Make Fiber Your Friend

Do you consume enough dietary fiber for optimal body function? According to the American Heart Association, the average individual should consume about 25 grams of fiber per day on a 2,000-calorie die... read more


Why You Need to Include These Heart Healthy Foods in Your Diet

February is American Heart Month; a month of focus on heart disease prevention. This is a great time to start thinking about and maybe even changing the foods you are putting into your body. Many arti... read more


Oh No - I Had a Total Binge Day

A binge is when you eat an abnormally large amount of food during one sitting or for one day. One thing I want to clarify is there are different types of binges. Bingeing that has no emotional attachm... read more


Don't Get Down with your Routine; Elevate your Workout with these Simple Exercises

Routine is great. Having a consistent training program is necessary for making long-term progress. Despite this, sometimes progress levels off, improvement slows and motivation lacks. When you find yo... read more


Take the First Step - Make the Goal!

Making a goal is the FIRST STEP in creating a new habit. You need to think of a goal that takes hard work and dedication to achieve but is possible. You need to choose a goal that pushes you to be the... read more


Finding Time to Workout

It is back to school time and with that life just became a little bit busier. Between bringing kids to school, afterschool activities, family time, and work, who has time to work out? Working out isn’... read more


Nutritional Needs of Older Adults

Our community is blessed with a very active older adult population. This article is aimed directly at helping understand some of the unique nutritional needs older adults have. I’ll look at implicatio... read more


STOP with the Excuses Already: 4 Steps to be Successful at Everything You Do

I’ve heard them all before... I’ll start tomorrow, I’m tired, I don’t know what to do or my favorite... I’m too busy! There are a million more, but the point is they are just excuses. Today I want to ... read more