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Keeping Food Simple

My boss, Tim, asked if I would write a post for the Greater Green Bay Y’s blog site. The topic, “Anything you want to post about.”  I agreed. After agreeing, I read through a couple of the previous po... read more


Manage the Weekend Binge

I talk with clients a lot about what happens on the weekends that allows for binge eating, bad choices, and sabotage of the week of hard effort put in. Based on those conversations and what I’ve lear... read more


Smart Programming

I am frequently asked questions like “How much cardio should I be doing, should I do more cardio!?”, “How many days do I need to lift!?”, or “I should really be doing yoga, shouldn’t I?” So many p... read more


Choosing Fitness Activities for a Lifetime

There are very few activities that you can enjoy as a child, that can keep you fit and active as you age. Water sports and activities have minimal impact on joints and allow all fitness levels and age... read more


Looking for Friends in All The Wrong Places

In today’s society, it is not the norm, to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many pitfalls that stand in your way. From TV advertisements, to grocery store shelves, and even a friend you’ve known fo... read more


Fitting Nutrition Into Lifestyle & Community

We have all seen the advertisements and commercials promoting better health. And most of us have a desire to get healthier but never make a serious attempt to do it. Why? It’s too hard, I don’t have t... read more


New Year, New Me…For Real This Time

Let’s talk about resolutions. It’s the time of year where you whisper the phrase, “New Year, New Me”. Gym membership numbers go up and the promise to eat healthier is also on the mind of everyone who ... read more


Shoulder Pain in the Way?

As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I communicate with an array of people looking for advice to improve their health. There are not enough fingers on my two hands to count the percent... read more


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Would you like to burn more calories during your workout in a shorter amount of time? Then consider trying high intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. HIIT involves short bursts of intense e... read more


Chia Seeds

Are you looking to try something a little different for breakfast or a healthy snack? Have you heard of chia seeds? Chia seeds are tiny black/brown seeds from the chia plant. They are a native plant f... read more