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How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Personal Training offers accountability, expert knowledge in movement and conditioning, support and guidance through challenging times, and more. However, many people are unsure how to get started on ... read more


Choosing Your Next Event

From yard signs, to social media posts, to TV commercials, it is easy to notice the many opportunities late summer and fall provide to be active. Choosing which of these events to sign up for may not ... read more


Buying Local Benefits Family Budgets & Health

It’s Farmer’s Market Time! And, I’m sure that you have enjoyed some of the wonderful farmer’s markets in the area! If you haven’t, or if you have wondered just how great it is to buy your produce from... read more


Why & How to Beat Inflammation

What is inflammation?Everyone remembers a time when they sprained an ankle or cut open a finger. The response is usually the same: puffy/swollen, probably painful, and signs of redness around the area... read more


Don't Dread the Dew Point

High dew points can make even the most beautiful looking days feel like a life-size steam room. Instant sweating and uncomfortable conditions can make outdoor workouts a chore. When the dew point clim... read more


What I Learned From One Year of Logging My Food Intake

As a trainer, I always encourage my clients to track their food intake in some fashion. Whether their goals are weight management (loss, maintenance, or gains), building strength, or changing physique... read more


Fitness Lingo You Should Know

The fitness industry has a reputation for constant change. One thing that does not change is how confusing fitness lingo can be. Those new to fitness often feel bombarded by acronyms and buzzwords th... read more


Gym Bag Essentials

Going for a bike ride? Of course you bring your helmet. Heading to the park to play baseball? Your glove is essential. But, what about going to workout? What do you bring to the gym? Being prepared a... read more


Water Safety Tips

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children ages 5 to 14, with children from communities of color at greatest risk. With National Water Safety Month in May and summer around the corner,... read more


Triathlon, what is it?

Triathlon. “What is it?”, “How much time do I need to train?” and “Can I do it?” These are questions I have been asked many times since March 2005 when I starting coaching triathlon as a certified coa... read more