Learn From the Pros & Ignite Your Family Fitness

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Green Bay Packers are a shining example of success in our community. The team brings us the thrill of victory week after week, and exemplifies a commitment to long-term excellence. A locally owned organization, the Packers offer many valuable lessons on how we can use teamwork and preparation to turn our dreams for health and happiness into reality.

In honor of October as National Family Health Month, consider these tips to make your family’s health and wellness as long-lasting as the legacy of the Green Bay Packers.

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Lesson 1: Greatness takes time
A key to long-term success is recognizing you are in it for the long haul. The Packers may celebrate each week’s victory for a short time, but their long-term goal of winning another Super Bowl is always top of mind. As you work towards your family’s health and fitness goals, celebrate small victories. Encourage healthy behaviors such as going for a walk together, choosing a book over watching television, or planning time to share a meal as a family. Practice being an active listener for your partner, and thank them for listening to you. Take pride in these small actions, and recognize them as vital stepping stones towards your family’s Super Bowl – long-term health and happiness.

Lesson 2: Teamwork makes the dream work
As great as he is, Aaron Rodgers cannot pass block for himself. He cannot catch his own passes or play defense, but he has trust in his teammates. It takes the cooperative effort of many individuals to run a play, execute a drive, and facilitate a successful game plan. Trust in your family, friends, and coworkers to help you along your wellness journey. Share the goals and vision you have for yourself and for your family, and be sure to ask for support along the way.

Lesson 3: Home field advantage
Lambeau Field is a place of happiness and positivity for all Packer fans. Take this lesson to heart, and create a welcome environment of love, health, and happiness in your own home. Transform your home into your personal Lambeau Field by developing a physical environment you enjoy being around. Designate space in your home for quiet meditation, reading, journaling, drawing, or for simple rest and relaxation. Smile when you walk in the door, greet family members with a hug, and share a “fist-bump” when positive action is taken towards being a healthy family. Create an environment of positivity, and your whole family will enjoy the advantages of being home.

Lesson 4: Winning is in the preparation
The Packers win games because of the preparation and practice that takes place prior to game day. They develop a game plan, practice their skills, and believe in themselves. Take a page out of the Packer’s playbook and prepare your family for success. Before the week begins, outline everything your family needs to be successful, including itemized grocery lists, daily chores, and your exercise/activity schedules. Plan what you need for your workouts, and lay everything out ahead of time. If your family struggles through one week, do not sweat it. Believe in your game plan and know that next week offers another chance to practice, improve, and win.

As your family participates in National Family Health month, there may be set backs and tough times. Continue to prepare for long-term success, enjoy your happy home, and be together as a family. Keep these lessons from our hometown team in mind, and your family will be on the path to health and happiness.

Nick Rozek Greater Green Bay YMCA
Workplace Wellness Coordinator & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist