Managing Holiday Stress

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are great for bringing us together with long last family and friends. That is, unless, that distance is welcome. Either way, keep the season’s spirit of relaxation, gratitude, and togetherness bright by using the following tips to manage your holiday stress.

Breathe – Burn the bird? Running late to the party? Still working on Christmas Eve? Stress-induced huffing and puffing will get you nowhere. This holiday season, practice “square breathing.” Fully inhale for 3 seconds, hold that breathe for 3 seconds, fully exhale for 3 seconds, and hold again for 3 seconds. Repeat for 10 “square breaths.”

Be Grateful – Rather than expressing blanket statements of thanks to groups of family, friends, or coworkers, add specificity and intent to your attitude of gratitude. Find a moment to share your appreciation with individuals, use eye contact, and be as specific as possible as to why you are grateful.

Delegate – The best leaders know how to appropriately share responsibility. Think you need to prepare a family meal or plan a work party by yourself? Involving others creates friendly buy-in to the gathering, and everyone feels part of the successful process. From setting the table to decorating cookies, sharing responsibility brings everyone together in the best way.

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Holiday stress is inevitable. How well you manage that stress is up to you. This year, recognize there are ways to minimize the effects of stress, and prioritize the things that are most important – gratitude, being together, and pie.

Nick Rozek Greater Green Bay YMCA
Workplace Wellness Coordinator & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist