Staying Active During Winter

Monday, February 1, 2016

It can be difficult to maintain your fitness routine once the cold weather hits. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can make it unpleasant to even leave the house! To keep you motivated throughout the season, check out a few easy ways to stay active during these long winter months!

Buy, rent, or borrow fitness DVDs. Many of the workouts can be done right in your living room and require no fitness equipment.

Re-discover your inner child. Go ice skating, sledding, or have a snow ball fight. These activities burn major calories and work muscle groups that rarely get used.

Utilize your gym membership with a buddy system. Take turns carpooling, that way you have accountability set and a fun partner to exercise with. Time will fly by!

Work extra exercise into your daily routine. Take the stairs whenever possible, stand while talking on the phone and complete housework like mopping and vacuuming.

Shovel snow. This activity is very strenuous. Only do this if your heart and back are healthy and you have clearance from your doctor.

Find a big space, like a mall, that can double as an indoor track to maintain your walking routine during the winter.

Winter StretchingWhen exercising outdoors, dress in layers and be sure that the outermost layer is wind and water resistant.

Warming up is extremely important in chilly weather as your muscles will be cold and potentially stiff, so start slow and work up to full exertion.

Stay hydrated! Hydration is important because our bodies are comprised mostly of water. Without it our systems, including muscles and nerves, would not function properly. 

By Brittany Bord  NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer