The Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Here are 3 major benefits to Indoor Cycling programs and why should you take advantage of them!

Spinning 300X200It will help lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
Overtime cardiovascular activity can help lower your blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, not to mention lower your risk for coronary heart disease. With the help of our 3 cycling programs at the Y you can achieve the recommended 30 minutes of cardio activity 3-5 days a week and increase your chances of a healthier lifestyle!

It increases muscular strength and endurance which in turns burns more calories!
It’s true, 1 pound of muscle burns more calories than 1 pound of fat per day. Our cycling programs offer a variety of exercise components that use resistance training to work your muscles. An average individual could burn between 400-600 in a single 45 minute class depending on resistance and watts, feel the burn!

It’s low impact making it easy on your joints.
If you are like many individuals who do not enjoy running or Boot Camp style workouts because of knee or joint pain than indoor cycling is for you. There is no jumping or pounding pavement involved with these programs and you still receive the same great benefits of those other workouts. You’ll leave class feeling great!


By Desiree Schmidt  Greater Green Bay YMCA Group Exercise Director
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