Using Technology To Get Fit

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Walk around the YMCA’s Lifestyle Center and you will have a hard time counting the number of people listening to music, texting, or working on their phones. During your next workout, try using your phone as a tool to improve your fitness. My three favorite strategies for improving how we use technology to get fit are…

Use your phone as a timer – free phone apps clearly display your time to work, time to rest, number of intervals, and more. Having a clearly visible countdown is a strong reminder you need to stay on task and complete your workout within the specific time frame. Holding yourself accountable to your time schedule will increase the effectiveness your workouts. (Check out “Kettlebell Swing Timer 2.0” or search “fitness timer” for plenty of free options)

Track/plan your workouts – create a separate calendar on your mobile device and plan ahead. Schedule your workouts as “Can’t Miss” appointments and include any necessary reminders. Having specific time set aside for you to get fit yields significant long-term training benefits.

Get lost – use free GPS tracking apps such as “Strava” or “Polar Beat” on your phone to follow you around. Feel comfortable taking a new route on your run. Go that extra mile on your bike. These apps provide maps so you can get fit without getting lost.

Mobile -Gym

Try out these three strategies and see what works best for you! How else do you use technology to improve your fitness?

Nick Rozek Greater Green Bay YMCA
Workplace Wellness Coordinator & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist