Celebrate National Yoga Month

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September is National Yoga Month! In 2008, the Department of Health and Human Services introduced National Yoga Month to bring awareness, educate, inspire and motivate people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Yoga, the unification of mind, body and spirit, is a step in that direction. 

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Yoga has been integrated into the health and wellness world ranging from world star athletes to local sports teams, from senior centers to elementary schools. Yoga is practiced for physical benefits as well as mental well-being. It is found at gyms, parks and corporate offices. The health benefits range from increased strength and flexibility, to back pain relief, reduced anxiety and even improved heart health.

If you are new to yoga, take steps to a healthy lifestyle by taking advantage of our FREE Beginner Yoga and Pilates Workshops plus the FREE National Yoga Month bonus classes during September. If you are an experienced yogi, take this opportunity to tryout different classes. If you generally participate in a Vinyasa class, try a Restorative or Yin class or vice versa. You may be surprised!

Yoga may appear intimidating, but as soon as you attend a couple classes, you will see yoga is for everyone. Yoga isn’t about how flexible you are or how strong you are; it is about the process. Yoga is a journey and everyone’s journey is unique!

Traci St. Pierre  Mind & Body Program Lead
Greater Green Bay YMCA