Looking for Friends in All The Wrong Places

Thursday, March 15, 2018

JasonIn today’s society, it is not the norm, to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many pitfalls that stand in your way. From TV advertisements, to grocery store shelves, and even a friend you’ve known for years; the lifestyle of not eating well and being inactive is convenient. But the inconvenient parts of that lifestyle are anything but convenient. It’s easy to go the route of coming home from work, throwing something in the microwave and plopping down on the couch to start going through Facebook. The struggle is real and I know this! But like starting anything new in your life, it requires breaking old habits to make way for the new.

I thinks it’s best to start with the habit that holds most back from what they truly want in life; the company in which you keep. They say that the most successful people in the world hang around “like minded” people. That means, the friend you may have known for years, that is making all the wrong eating choices and healthy lifestyle “dont’s” is holding you back! Now, I’m not saying you need to immediately stop talking to these friends, but perhaps it’s time to find some that are already living the lifestyle you have always wanted! Chances are that you may already belong to the Y and have seen or known people that are living this lifestyle you have always wanted. It’s up to you to ask questions of how this person is successful in living his/her lifestyle and how can you start to live this way too.

Jason VanDaalwyk Greater Green Bay YMCA
Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach