Gym Bag Essentials

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Y Gym Bag YblogGoing for a bike ride? Of course you bring your helmet. Heading to the park to play baseball? Your glove is essential. But, what about going to workout? What do you bring to the gym?

Being prepared ahead of time will make your trip to the gym stress free, allowing you to focus on your workout. Part of being prepared means having your gym bag properly stocked.

Make sure your bag is ready to go with these gym bag essentials:

Extra ear buds
If part of your workout success relies on motivating music, then you must carry an extra set of headphones. Wireless headphones are awesome until the batteries die in the middle of your workout. Carry a spare pair of ear buds and never miss a beat.

Running low on energy before you start will set you up for a disappointing workout. Keep a banana, apple, or homemade granola bar in your bag to keep you well fueled before and after your workout.

Be willing to tolerate the subtle jingle of coins in your bag in order to pay for parking, rent a lock or shower towels from your gym’s front desk, or to buy a snack (if you forgot the previous essential).

Extra pair of workout socks
Step in a puddle on the way in the door? Do you have sweaty feet from a long day at work? Blisters and infections can put a big damper on your training plan. Keep your feet clean and dry with a fresh pair of socks before and/or after your workout to avoid unwanted issues.

Travel size shampoo, body wash, and deodorant
What may seem obvious to some, is often overlooked by others. Stay fresh and clean with travel size items which take up less space and weight in your bag.

Dirty laundry bag
Nothing fancy is needed. Something as simple as a plastic grocery bag works great to get your clothes home to the washing machine.

Water bottle
No matter what type of workout you have planned, your hydration plays a significant role in your training success. Throw a clean, dry bottle in your bag to make hydration simple and routine.

Jump rope
Is your favorite treadmill taken? Can’t find that special foam roller for your warm up? No excuses anymore. Jump ropes are light weight and portable, and perfect to keep in your gym bag as a go-to or last-resort warm up tool.

There are many variables that go into a successful training plan. Do not let your gym bag be one of them. Stock your bag, hit the gym, and have a great workout.

Nick Rozek Greater Green Bay YMCA
Workplace Wellness Coordinator & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist