Buying Local Benefits Family Budgets & Health

Thursday, August 2, 2018

It’s Farmer’s Market Time! And, I’m sure that you have enjoyed some of the wonderful farmer’s markets in the area! If you haven’t, or if you have wondered just how great it is to buy your produce from the farmer’s markets, here are a few reasons to consider just why it’s so good to buy your produce locally.

Local farmers often use better production practices. They rotate crops more often and soil gets a rest from production through the winter. There are fewer pesticides used to keep fruits fresh during the transport and shelf life. Food becomes less genetically diverse, or genetically altered, when producers do not have to grow food that withstands travel time to stores, time spent on shelves, or ripening after picking. That means local farmers can provide a more pure genetic representation of the food.

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Reduced time from production to purchase means fresh foods that taste better and last longer on your shelves. Food are picked at peak because they will be sent right to the customer, with little, to no, loss of nutritional value during transfer times.

Local farms preserve our communities. When you buy locally, you help support the people in your community. You also help preserve land in your community by ensuring that land is not used for development. The carbon footprint for a farm can be much lower than that of an industrial park, a shopping center, etc. We keep a good balance when we have an equal amount of agriculture versus industry when we support local famers.   

All of these factors lead to lower prices, on quality produce, meaning budget health as well as nutritional health. And if you are currently making healthy nutritional changes, these are good changes to make while healthy foods are plentiful. The carry over to healthy lifestyle throughout the remainder of the year can be implemented more successfully as you become savvy at buying and cooking with produce.

And who can ignore how fun it is to attend local farmer markets and visit local farm fields to hand pick your produce. It can provide quality time for the whole family. Modeling and teaching your family the principles of buying local, healthy food is priceless. You are doing your community, your family, and your health a huge favor when you buy your food locally.

Kim Elsing Greater Green Bay YMCA
Certified Personal Trainer, FNS, Nondiet Weight Management Certified, Trained in Holistic Life Coaching through GAHP (Global Association of Holistic Practictioners)