New Year's Resolutions

Friday, January 4, 2019

2018 is over and it went by so fast! How did you fare with your resolutions? 2019 is here regardless of how you answered that question. Here are a few things to consider while making plans for the start of 2019 as it relates to your diet and nutrition.

The first thing to consider is fads, gimmicks, and get healthy quick schemes. This time of year comes with a lot of those exact things on marketing steroids. But, attention needs to be paid to what really matters: long term life style changes that provide for better health, longer life, and feeling better. Often a fad, gimmick, or get healthy quick scheme isn’t going to do those things. 

So then what should the attention be on? It should be on making impactful changes to diets. One way to get started is to dedicate one week to writing down everything that is eaten. Seems daunting, but by either having a journal handy, using a smart device to keep notes, or using an app for food logging, it can be done with relative ease. Once that week is recorded, identify the major offender on the diet and focus on that. Try to figure out why it’s being allowed in the diet. For instance, is it a stress response, poor planning, or part of a bad habit like eating while watching TV? Next, find a way to eliminate or replace with high quality foods or better habits. Then, take that same approach with another offender and keep using this process till you have really “cleaned up your act.”

Yblog New Year Resolution 2019

The above process will be a game changer! Coupled with the next few tips, and you will find that your 2019 will look like no other year for your nutritional lifestyle. First, drink plenty of water. Have water to start and finish your day, replace soda and other forms of liquid with water, and have water every time you eat something. Second, make sure you are getting enough sleep. Work on shifting your bedtime little bits here and there, and soon most nights will be full of a quality night’s sleep. Find a bedtime routine to help with this. Third, get some exercise. REALLY! Just find a way to move more than you are already moving; take a few extra walks, add 10 minutes to your current workout routine, work toward burning more than you consume! All of these will help you get the metabolism revved up, paired with the changes in nutrition, you’ll be on a GOAL ROLL for 2019!

Kim Elsing Greater Green Bay YMCA
Certified Personal Trainer, FNS, Nondiet Weight Management Certified, Trained in Holistic Life Coaching through GAHP (Global Association of Holistic Practictioners)