Stay Fit While Traveling: Spring Break Edition

Thursday, March 14, 2019

I know what you are thinking as you read this headline. “Isn’t going on vacation supposed to mean taking a relaxing break from everything, including my workouts?”

Yes you should relax during your vacation time, but it is often difficult to get back into a routine after taking a week or even weeks off. Not to mention we typically indulge in wonderful, delicious meals during this vacation time. It is proven that our routines are completely different when we take a vacation because we typically have no access to a gym, our sleep schedule is thrown off, and our diet is variable.

It is important to continue to stay active while you are away! Whether that means taking a stroll along on the beach at night, hiking thru the airport terminals, or even taking the stairs up to your hotel room versus the elevator. This way when you return home it is that much easier to continue your workouts and maintain your endurance level. We all dread starting up our workouts again after we have taken some time off. Staying active while away can help improve your mood and allow you to truly enjoy your time on vacation.

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Workouts on vacation can be made simple and easy. Your bodyweight is a tool that can be used anywhere at anytime, you do not need fancy equipment to break a sweat! Here are some tips to help you stay active as you are traveling across the country or even overseas during this spring break season.

Plan Ahead
We all know how difficult it is to not have a plan when walking into the gym. Should I run? Lift? Bike? Make sure to take the time to plan quick, easy workouts BEFORE you leave. This way you don’t even need to think about it and you just get it done! For example:

Monday 15 min walk / 15 squats / 15 push ups / 15 lunges / 15 burpees (repeat 3-5x)
Tuesday       20 min beach run (or outdoor run)
Wednesday     30 sec side plank hold each side / 25 jacks / 10 inchworms / 30 sec butt kicks / 30 sec high knees (repeat 3-5x)

Walk it out
If you are vacationing to an area where you plan on visiting theme parks, national parks, or tourist locations make sure you are taking the time to walk around. Use a pedometer or a smart watch and try to aim for a step goal each day (10,000 steps is always a great number to shoot for!). This will help keep your metabolism up and allow you to burn more calories throughout your trip.

Take a dip!
Lounging by the pool is a common past time on vacations. So why not take some time to jump in the pool every 30-40 minutes for a couple laps. This will help you cool off and keep your heart rate up while your relaxing poolside. 

Use what you got
Depending on what area you are residing in, you may or may not have access to a gym or equipment at all. Bodyweight workouts can be done ANYWHERE. This means you can use a hotel bed for push-ups, or maybe even a desk chair for split squats. Taking advantage of the space you have will allow for a better overall workout.

Step it up
Skip the elevator, take the stairs! Often times the elevator can take longer to ride up than just taking the stairs up to your room. Use this opportunity to get the heart rate up and race your family/friend up to the room.

Make it a date
Are you traveling with friends or family? Include others in your workout and make it a routine to work out each morning or night. You are more likely to workout when you have an accountability partner to keep you on track, and it is always more fun to workout in a group than alone. 

Unwind and chill!
Remember this is a vacation! Take the time to relax and calm your thoughts. Your mental health is one of the most important parts of your well-being. Take advantage of this time to keep yourself healthy mentally and physically.

Here is a workout for you to try! Can be completed anywhere.

Sample Full Body Workout: No Equipment        

15 Spider Man Push Ups
15 Jump Squats
30 sec Forearm Plank w/ Leg Lifts
10 Curtsy Lunges to either side
20 Slow Mountain Climbers
20 Lunges
30 sec. Bear Hold
30 sec. Skaters
Repeat 3x

Megan Fritsch Greater Green Bay YMCA 
Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Management Specialist