Sustainable Life Choices

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Webster defines the word sustainable as the following: able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed. In layman’s terms, sustainable is something you can continue to do for a long duration without end. When you choose to change a habit in your current lifestyle, can you commit to make the change for the long haul? Is the choice sustainable?   

My philosophy to diet and nutrition is simple, not crazed. Can you sustain your nutritional choices for life?  Is that supplement, or restriction one you can choose forever? Can you take that same diet fad with you on vacation? Can you afford that supplement if you lost your income? I have a lot of clients I work with that struggle with diet, nutrition and personal guilt. When using the word diet, I like to ask the client how they view dieting. People tend to comment with the newest fad, trend, or supplementation craze that is part of the current pop culture. 

Yblog Sustainable Choices

In every aspect of health and well-being, we make choices. Today, you had to choose to wake up, choose what to wear, choose your breakfast and so forth. Most of our daily decisions are routine. The struggle for change in that routine comes with learning the skills to challenge the way we choose. The goal in sustainable life choices is that the better choice becomes routine.  

We as health seekers need to strive to create routine that betters ourselves every day. This doesn’t just mean our dietary choices. It includes our emotional choices too. Many clients carry guilt everyday about the emotional choices they fall into. “I ate cake at my son’s birthday”. “I need to work out, but I am so tired today”.  “I had a terrible day at work, I drowned my frustrations in chocolate”. “I have so many other obligations, I don’t have time to take care of myself”. Whatever your vice for immediate comfort, or excuse you have for being true to your emotional health, your current poor choice ends up leaving you with a state of guilt and remorse. 

My goal as a trainer is to help you let go of the guilt, and move forward with a positive choice. I want you to feel good with having cake on your kids’ birthday. If you choose the cake, can you choose a smaller piece? Can you choose to add exercise into the day? Can you choose to give the cake away so you’re not tempted to have more? 

The more we learn to change the choice positively the more sustainable it becomes for the long haul. The hope is that learning to make better choices more often than succumbing to the guilty pleasure, will keep you on the path to health and wellness for the long haul. The more we break out of the bad “guilty” habit, the more we feel empowered to better ourselves. Ultimately, our choice, lifts us up versus weighing us down. We learn to choose better for us! Our emotional choice for positive empowerment becomes easier every day!  

The first step is to identify the change you want to make. Truly identify it. Take time to write it down, acknowledge it, and own it as your choice. Next allow yourself the privilege to be better. Finally, choose better for you. You are worthy of better! 

Nicky Hunter Greater Green Bay YMCA
Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach