STOP with the Excuses Already: 4 Steps to be Successful at Everything You Do

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I’ve heard them all before... I’ll start tomorrow, I’m tired, I don’t know what to do or my favorite... I’m too busy! There are a million more, but the point is they are just excuses. Today I want to address more than just being healthy, I want to address being Successful! Today, I want you to decide to be successful and embrace your goals.

Yblog STOP The Excuses

This may sound harsh, but instead of making excuses, buck up and set some goals and develop a plan to Crush them! Of course, setting the goals is the easy part, but developing a plan and actually getting up in the morning and successfully implementing the plan is the real challenge.

Without getting into how to set a SMART goal or how to develop a plan I am simply going to give you a cheat sheet of the necessary steps to be successful at everything you do. This can be professional or personal. Follow through with these steps and when you have accomplished your goals and are succeeding at everything you do please email me your successes. OR, if you are having trouble getting started then email me your obstacles. Either way, let me know where you are at.

Now, before I lay out the steps for your ultimate path to success I want to step up onto my soap box and deliver ONE, Simple, Clear and Concise message that above all must be adhered to before you begin this journey:

There is NO magic Bullet. This will be challenging in every way possible, BUT SO WORTH IT!

I am not saying this to scare you, but rather let you know if it was easy you would not be reading this. If it was easy you would have already accomplished all you wanted to. If this was easy everyone would do it.  BUT, it is not easy and not everyone will do it, but those that do will be rewarded for their efforts.

Ok, now I will step down off from my soap box and give you the cheat sheet to be successful at everything you do.

  1. Decide if you are READY to succeed. 
  2. Set a GOAL
  3. Develop a PLAN to detail of how to accomplish this goal
  4. IMPLEMENT the plan

Yes, that is it. Not rocket science, but 100% proven successful. You may need help setting a goal or developing a plan, but there are many sources to help you with these elements. Steps 1 and 4, that is up to you my friend. If you are not ALL IN, then you will not implement your plan and you WILL fail, simple as that.

Once you have decided to become successful in all that you do then you can move to steps 2 and 3 to develop your sound plan and then implement your plan. If, you are truly all in, then I promise you will succeed.

My goal with this blog is to tell people to stop with the excuses and get to work. Only you can decide to become better, but man, let me tell you when you do decide to be better and successful everyone around you will become better and influence you and others in so many great ways.

Is today the day you decide to be successful in everything you do?

Remember, I want to hear from you. Good or bad let me know. I will respond to every inquiry. I also ask that you pass this on to a friend, co-worker, family member and ask for help and support. Create a culture that surrounds you with people who want to be better for themselves and those they interact with every day!

Eric Gorder BS, CES | Greater Green Bay YMCA
Ferguson Family Healthy Living Director