Oh No - I Had a Total Binge Day

Friday, January 24, 2020

A binge is when you eat an abnormally large amount of food during one sitting or for one day. One thing I want to clarify is there are different types of binges. Bingeing that has no emotional attachment to it like during thanksgiving, holiday dinners, or eating a too much pizza in one sitting is one type. There is also bingeing that is associated with emotional triggers – which can be a signal of disordered eating and may require PROFESSIONAL assistance.

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Most people tend to binge on the high fat, high sugar and highly processed foods. These foods are manufactured to be addictive – which is what makes them easy to binge on! Let’s focus on the more common type of binging – not that which is emotionally triggered (again, we would recommend professional assistance if you are struggling with this type of binging). There are a few helpful steps you can take to help your body get back on track after eating an abnormally large amount of food.

Yes, you ate a lot of food that may have put you over your ideal daily calorie intake, but that does not mean you have to get upset at yourself. Likely, if you get stressed out about the situation, that will lead to another binge. Just take a breath and start back over at your next meal.

Drink a lot of water
Our bodies are great at detoxifying themselves and draining the ‘garbage’ out if we give those molecules a route of passage. Drinking a surplus of fluids will allow us to excrete the toxins out as urine and keep the digestive system working properly to defecate it out the other end.

Return to your normal eating routine
Many people think they need to starve themselves after a binge, but that will likely lead to another binge from being starved – causing a dangerous cycle. Just get right back into your normal routine of eating nutritious, fiber-rich, high protein meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables!

Most people tend to binge on high-carb meals (likely from previous restriction of carbs), which our bodies can use as fuel for exercise and movement! Our bodies break down carbohydrates & sugars into glycogen to use in our muscles as fuel. So, put those carbohydrates and sugars to good use and bang out a good workout!

Many people initially feel like they failed their healthy journey when they binge, feeling like they ruined all their progress. That is not the case! THIS IS A LIFESTYLE! You are going to have times where you will overindulge, but that does not mean you are off track – THAT MEANS YOU ARE A HUMAN LIVING A FULFILLING LIFE! What you don’t want is for that bingeing to occur frequently because THAT is when weight gain occurs and can potentially cause emotional distress.

Lindsay Wisnicky Greater Green Bay YMCA
ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach