Meet Our Personal Trainers

2017 PT Running Webbio

It’s that time of the year to start to train for spring runs, triathlons and marathons. Personal Training can help! Reach out to Craig, Andy or Keith for running expertise. Meet all of our Personal Trainers below or visit our Personal Training page to learn more about what our experts can offer you at the Y!

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Michelle Babcock, NFPT-CPT
Andy Bischoff, NASM-CPT, NETA-CWC
Corissa Conard, ACE-CPT
Craig Congdon, NETA-CPT
Janine Copeland, WITS-CPT
Kim Dart Elsing, ACE-CPT
Ryan Doxtator, WITS-CPT Expert
Katie Dzurick, ACE-CPT
Nicky Hunter, NETA-CPT
Jessica Hyrkas, NASM-CPT
Nancy Kiehnau, NETA-CPT
Keith Lauritsen, NETA-CPT
Michelle Pierquet, NETA-CPT
John Servais, ACE-CPT
Kellen Skidmore, WITS-CPT
Tim Sleeter,  ACE-CPT
Jason VanDaalwyk, NASM-CPT