Training Zones

Training Zones-webe NEW

*NEW* Optional Training Zones

Training Zones are an option in addition to our abundant areas of strength and cardio equipment that have all been physcially distanced 8 feet apart. Training Zones are designed to provide dedicated workout spaces for you to have an option to enjoy a clean, safe, and efficient workout. Each Training Zone will be 10'x10' complete with cardio and strength equipment. Use this space for your individual workout or choose to use one of our pre-designed workouts posted for you during your 30 or 60-minute reservation slot.

How to reserve a Training Zone

Reservations can be made on the YMCA website, on our app, or directly in our facilities.

You must exit the training zone 10-minutes prior to the end of your reserved time for sanitizing. So a 30-minute reservation yields a 20-minute workout and a 60-minute reservation yields a 50-minute workout.

Reserve a Training Zone

  • After your session, please wipe down all of the equipment (and then WE clean everything, too!)
  • Training zone sessions are limited to the number of zones available at each center
  • Please keep equipment in its original Training Zone for proper sanitizing
  • Zones are limited to 1 member or 2 members of the same household
  • FREE to all Y Members
  • Must be 14+ years old
    • Ages 8-13 can work out with a parent after taking the youth/family orientation
    • Ages under 8 not permitted

"I really like the Training Zones that are set up in the gym. With everything together in one spot, I don't have to move around the building to do my workout!" - Charity, Broadview Y member