Meet Our Personal Trainers

2018 PT Relauch Trainers WEBE

Stronger Together: The Green Bay YMCA has an experienced and highly skilled team of nationally certified personal trainers who are here to help you reach your goals, with areas of specialty ranging from post rehabilitation to Sports Performance and everything in between. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, our trainers can help you get started or elevate your fitness to the next level! Get to know our amazing trainers below and request your free consultation today! Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our Certified Personal Trainers »

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Andy Bischoff, NASM-CPT, NETA-CWC
Corissa Conard, ACE-CPT
Craig Congdon, NETA-CPT
Janine Copeland, WITS-CPT
Kim Elsing, ACE-CPT
Megan Fritsch, ACE-CPT
Collin Gaie, ASCM-CPT
Nicky Hunter, NETA-CPT
Jessica Hyrkas, NASM-CPT
Tyson Kratz, NETA-CPT
Andy Meylink, WITS-CPT
Jake Pellegrin, NETA-CPT
Cody Schaefer, WITS, CPT
Katie Schwartz, ASCM-CPT
John Servais, ACE-CPT
Kellen Skidmore, WITS-CPT
Tim Sleeter,  ACE-CPT
Jason VanDaalwyk, NPTI-CPT