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2018 Specialty Training WEBE

Specialty Training Sessions provide you with the knowledge and accountability of working with a Certified Personal Trainer in a small group setting while delivering a high quality, progressive workout experience. The sessions are designed to feature a specific area of interest such as TRX, Strength Training, HIIT, Core, and more! Every workout will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Specialty Training includes Pre and Post Testing to help you see the results! Sessions run for 6-8 weeks and registration is required since space is limited. 

January 2019 - Specialty Training

Our Specialty Training programs are all offered to everyone ages 14 and up. Please choose a location to view a flyer with the full details of the offerings (subject to change, check online registration for up-to-date offerings):

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Broadview YMCA Overview  January 2019
Forever Well Beginning Strength Training Strength can start at any age. This workout will improve your daily living skills through better balance, strength, flexibility and agility. Build strength and confidence through progressive resistance training where your training weight increases as your muscles become stronger. Maintain muscle and increase your metabolism as you build a better you.
New Year's Boot Camp Achieve & exceed your goals this New Year. Stay accountable to the resolutions you made to yourself by pushing through your limits, breaking down barriers and smashing your goals. This boot camp will have you prepared for anything life throws at you in the upcoming year. Conquer it all!
TRX Body Blast Push yourself to the limit through this TRX Hybrid Workout. Get an intense metabolic challenge while training your abs, back, legs, arms and obliques. Total body at it's best!
Ultimate HIIT Create dynamic strength with this high intensity, electrifying workout designed to condition thr body by targeting strength building and muscular endurance. A variety of equipment will be used that worksto engage as many muscle groups as possible.
Kettlebells & Core Walk taller and feel stronger. Strengthen your mid-section for athletic performance or just for life. This unique kettebell inspired workout is designed to build core muscle, strength and endurance.
TRX 101 In this 7-week course, you will learn the basic building blocks of TRX Suspension Training including proper form, body mechanics and how TRX can benefit your workouts. If you are looking to build strength, flexibility, stability and core conditioning in one workout, TRX is for you!
Extreme RKB Tackle Ropes, Kettlebells and Slam Balls and bring on the results! Jump in and build strength, improve mobility and blast fat as you move from station-to-station while you take on this dynamic workout.
Junior TRX
Start boosting your health at a young age with Junior TRX. With a focus on building and enhancing biomotor skills, young adults can increase their strength, speed, flexibility and cardiorespiratory systems through these progression-based workouts. Learn how to move your body for any sport, any season!

East Side YMCA Overview  January 2019
T.G.I.M. Thank God it's Monday! Start your week off right with this total body sculpt class that targets your cardio, strength, and core. Moving quickly through different components of the workouts, your body never gets accustomed to the constantly changing format. This gives you the potential to reap maximum results! T.G.I.M. is the best start to a great week, boosting energy and building endurance, agility, and coordination.
New Year Fit Camp Push your limits. Break down barriers. Smash your goals. This 7-week fit camp will have you prepared for whatever the new year throws at you. Using specialized equipment and efficient workout programs, your training experience is about to get kicked into high gear!
Strength Circuit Being strong is never a weakness. Build a stronger "you" this new year by working through exercises specically selected to maximize your time and effort. This workout is great for those looking to improve health and fitness, without the heart pounding and lung burning style of a boot camp. Come get strong!
Down to the Core Core stability is critical to your health! Strong abdominals act as an anchor for all you do. Tone, define, and strengthen your core's functionality and improving your posture. This gut-busting class uses body weight and free weights to sculpt a better midsection.
Glutes on Fire This 30-minute express class will firm, lift, and build your glutes! Glutes can be under-utilized from sitting all day, and combined with passing time, they may need a "pick me up." Be prepared for a great burn as this class uses body weight and free weights to strengthen and sculpt your glutes!
Total Body HIIT Improve strength, power, and endurance with the guidance of a certified Personal Trainer. You will love the variety of the worouts that will help you reach your goals! These total body workouts can be adapted for any fitness level.
Body Thrive 360 Tabata is a high-intensity workout that has incredible fitness and weight-loss benefits. This class offers a maximum results in minimal time. Tabata workouts can increase your work capacity, resting metabolic rate, and help you burn more fat than an hour of traditional cardio. Get ready to sweat and go hard with Body Thrive 360 and you will leave feeling strong and accomplished!
TRX Body Blast Get your heart rate pumping and muscles burning in this 60-minute sweat session. Upper body, lower body, and core - this workouts covers it all. Based around the TRX straps, and incorporating a wide variety of exercises, you will never be short on "the burn."
HIIT the Bells Whether you are new to kettlebells, or ready to test your fitness limits, this workout is for you! Torch calories, learn proper kettlebel technique, and experience total body training, all in one 30-minute workout.

Ferguson Family YMCA Overview  January 2019
Battle Rope Suspension Training Battle Rope Suspension Training is a unique functional training system that combines heavy rope training and suspended body weight training into one highly effective workout. Exercising with battle ropes, also known as power conditioning, increases cardiovascular conditioning, builds muscular endurance and strenghthens the core.  Suspension training builds muscle and core strength using body weight as resistance while maintaining low impact on the joints. Swap your boring cardio for this highly energetic workout and make this the year you hit those New Years Resolutions!
Power Current Looking for a new way to vary your workout?  Try this unconventional cardiovascular and resistance workout!  A Certified Personal Trainer will lead you through walking, jogging and resistance exercises in the water…..all designed to burn mega calories without all the impact on the joints.  The water creates challenging resistance and is a great change from the treadmill.  This increase in resistance can have you training at a higher intensity with less strain than with land-based exercise programs.  In fact, when working at a high intensity in water you can burn 11-17 calories per minute-more than on land!
Beginner Youth Strength Training If your child has recently started strength training then you are probably asking yourself questions like what age should they start? How much is enough or too much? What should a strength training program look like for an adolescent just starting to train with resistance?  Participating in  properly designed resistance training programs instructed by a qualified professional will elicit significant performance improvements as well as have positive effects on health, improved psychological well-being and reduce both severity and incidence of injuries.  If your child is just starting a resistance program or thinking about it, then this 4 week session is a must!  Let Jacob help your child build a healthy and safe strength training foundation for years to come.

West Side YMCA Overview  January 2019
Functional Resistance Training Functional movement and resistance training will be focused into one continum that includes postural stability and joint mobility, as well as movement and load training, then advances at the high end to training for athletic performance.  Participants will learn proper techniques for implemmenting mobility, durability, strength, and movement into a functional program setting.

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