Virtual Personal Training

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What is Virtual Personal Training?
Virtual Personal Training at The Y brings motivation, accountability and coaching directly to you at your location, on your time. No boundaries, no limits. You will experience one-on-one expert coaching with a Certified Personal Trainer via video chat that is designed to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals no matter how big or small.
  Virtual PT How it Works  

Benefits of Virtual Personal Training

• Access to the best Certified Personal Trainers at the Green Bay YMCA
• Personalized programs to assist you in reaching your goals
• Affordable options with packages to fit your needs
• Online interactions keep you connected no matter where you are

  Virtual PT How it Works 2  

How it Works

1. Fill out an Interest Form
2. Receive a confirmation email from a trainer
3. Discuss your goals, space/equipment and design your program with a FREE consultation
4. Enroll in program and begin achieving your goals!

Virtual Personal Training Rates

We offer a variety of Training Packages from Individual to Semi-Private Groups to best support your workout style.

Individual (1:1)        
    5 sessions   10 sessions
30-minutes   $140   $240
45-minutes   $175   $305
Partner (2 people)        
    5 sessions   10 sessions
30-minutes   $90   $155
45-minutes   $115   $205
Semi-Private 3-6 people)        
    5 sessions   10 sessions
30-minutes   $70   $110
45-minutes   $80   $130
  Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long are Virtual Personal Training sessions? We offer 30 or 45-minute training options.
  • Do I need to purchase equipment for Virtual Personal Training? No. Your certified personal trainer will work with you to determine what space/equipment you have access to during your consultation and will develop high quality training sessions based off of your resources.
  • If I need to take time off from my sessions will I be able to make those sessions up? Absolutely! We are here to assist you in your journey and the first step in doing so is ensuring a smooth experience. You will have until the end of the month to make up the sessions.
  • Do I get to pick my trainer? You will have the ability to request a Personal Trainer. Pending availability, you will be connected with your Personal Trainer of choice, or a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in your specific needs will be connected with you for a consultation. 
  • Does the consultation with a personal trainer count as a session? No, this is just a video call to assess your individual needs, discuss short and long term goals and determine which technology/equipment you will be using for the training sessions.