Rainbow Rompers

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Preschoolers love to play and we've got a great opportunity in Rainbow Rompers to do just that! We offer a supervised play space where your child can climb, run, jump and swing with age-appropriate equipment and play toys.

Mini Rompers is a NEW family group beginning Fall 2, 2016, geared towards families with children 2 years and younger. This is a great opportunity to have your children enjoy the use of soft mats, preschool gym equipment and more while you can watch and connect with other families!

FREE to Y Members / $5 for General Public Families
Rainbow Rompers is recommended for children ages 6 and younger.
Mini Rompers is recommended for children ages 2 and younger.

Our Rainbow Rompers program offerings are included on our Schedules (choose your center and then select "Rainbow Rompers" under the Class filter).

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Rainbow Rompers?
Rainbow Rompers is a fun parent-directed play time for preschoolers.  Age-appropriate gym equipment is used in an obstacle course/activity station setting to encourage large and small muscle development.

What should my child wear to class?
Comfortable clothes and gym shoes or bare feet are recommended.  Parents are asked to wear gym shoes or socks.

Where do I go for class?
Check in at the front desk.  A nominal fee is charged for the general public, members are free, but do need to check in.  The front desk will direct you to the program location.

Are there any YMCA staff in this program?
The staff are there to help you and your child navigate the equipment and ensure safety.  Parents are encouraged to participate and interact with their children.

May I leave the building while my child participates?
No, this program is designed for parent and child time together.  Parents are required to be present while their child is playing.

Do we need to stay for the entire time?
No, Rainbow Rompers is a free-form, drop-in activity.  You are free to come and go when you wish.

For more information about this program please call 436 9651.

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