Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where did the fish go? 
We feel that the introduction of a clear linear naming of levels better reinforces the sense of accomplishment as your child progresses through the program.


How does the new swim program differ from the old program?

  • Uses more skill-based swim instruction
  • Maximizes physical activity
  • More emphasis on safety
  • Elevates confidence level
  • More opportunities for families to engage

What are the benefits to the students?

  • Students begin with those skills they are ready to learn.
  • New skills are repeated often to reinforce success.
  • Students have fun and develop new friendships as they get to know one another through group activities.
  • Students gain important skills that will keep them safe in and around water.

What are the benefits for Parents?

  • Students learn in a student-centered, caring atmosphere and receive personalized attention.
  • Lessons are developmentally appropriate to ensure quick and effective teaching of swimming skills.
  • Well-trained instructors prioritize safety and encourage students to develop a lifelong interest in aquatics.
  • Aquatics staff inform parents of students’ progress and actively encourage at-home activities and conversations related to swimming, water safety, and character development.
  • Lessons promote and reinforce the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

What are some of the new things I will see with this program?

  • Welcome letters with the skills listed that your child will be working on, the instructor’s name and an intro to the program.
  • Mid-Session Reports
  • At home activity sheets to help students who want to practice things at home or are looking to work on a skill they are having a difficult time with in class.
  • Safety & Character Topics
  • All swim instructors now have a formalized training and resources that focus on how to better teach each student by setting expectations, building relationships, water adjustment/how to become more comfortable with skills, and how to use the safety & character topics to delve more deeply into why we do what we do. The resource also gives the swim instructors a wide variety of activities along with how the activity helps build specific skills.
  • New certificates of achievement

How to Register

Register for Swim Lessons by using any of the 3 convenient ways:  

In Person By Phone Online
At any Green Bay Y
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920 436 9595
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