Youth & Family Activities

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At the Y, our focus upon Youth Development is one of the ways that we seek to strengthen our community. By providing programs, opportunities, and simply a place to belong and play, our YMCA youth and families create, connect and grow stronger together.

Please explore the exciting programs and offerings for our youth, teens, and families. Whether it is taking a Family Zumba® or Cycling class together or some family swim time; teens at Y Night or kids in our Youth Sports program, there is something for every kid and every family at the Y!

Looking for a safe, fun place for your child to go when school is not in session, check out our School Age Child Care program!


Youth & Family Activities

Schedules YTF ButtonLooking for things to do with your family? Then you're in the right place! The Green Bay Y offers many fun activities for youth, teens and families each week. 

Please search our Schedules for current offerings. For even MORE fun things to do, be sure to check out our Workshops & Special Events!


As a benefit to our members, the below classes and activities are included FREE with your Y membership!


Builders Club  ages 6-12 

Get your imagination growing with our brand new Builders Club! Each week will have its own theme and the materials can be anything from K’Nex to Legos to popsicle sticks. You have only your imagination to guide you! Join us each week as we design and build a new adventure. Offered to the General Public for $3.

Family Adventure Center  ages 8 & under*

Family Adventure Center is a place where families can enjoy playing and growing together. The Family Adventure Center at the Ferguson Family Y features an open area where young kids can use their imagination and create their own fun with mats and fun shapes. For the older kids, the tree fort themed play structure creates an interactive play environment. The Family Adventure Center is available for children 8 years and younger with parental supervision. 

Family Night  all ages
We understand that family life is busy and you are always on the go, so slow down and make some memories at the Y. Our family night programs provide much needed quality time together. You’ll be able to enjoy theme nights, physical activity, swimming, and much more. Each week holds new fun! Children must be accompanied by an adult. Offered to the General Public for $15/family. Learn More » 

GaGa  ages 8-12

A high-energy game played within an octagonal GaGa “pit” with players attempting to hit opponents with the ball below the knee while avoiding getting struck. This fun and easy game moves quickly and is a great way to get your 60 minutes of play and connect with other kids. GaGa is designed as an open time for Y Members or guests ages 8-12. It is supervised and facilitated by a Y staff member. Join the GaGa craze!

Mini Rompers  ages 0-2*

This family group is geared towards families with children 2 years and younger. This is a great opportunity to have your children enjoy the use of soft mats, preschool gym equipment and more while you can watch and connect with other families! *Children and their caregiver. Offered to the General Public for $5/family.

Play Day Café  all ages*

We know it’s fun to play at the YMCA, so we’ve stirred up a time for creative play and a bit of café! Little ones can play and create with pals nearby while you, the caregivers, enjoy some conversation and refreshments. Our Activity Center Play Day Café will offer simple snacks and beverages for the children and warm drinks like coffee, tea or hot chocolate for the adults. Kids will have fun playing with the friendly toys, games and story books or make a masterpiece with our art supplies. *Best suited for children stable walking to pre-school aged. Offered to the General Public for $5 per visit. 

Power Zone  ages 8-13

It’s easy to stay active during this fun-filled time where the activities change every day! Our staff will keep you busy playing games like dodge ball, basketball and kickball, running through obstacle courses or completing energizing fitness challenges. You may attend Power Zone for the full time or pop in when it works for you. Just be there! Learn More »

Power Zone Jr  ages 6-10*

It’s easy to stay active during this fun-filled time where the activities change every day! Our staff will keep you busy playing games like dodge ball, basketball and kickball, running through obstacle courses or completing energizing fitness challenges. You may attend Power Zone for the full time or come early and stay late. Just be there! *Ages 6-7 parent/guardian must remain in Y facility and sign child in/out of Power Zone. Learn More »

Rainbow Rompers  ages 6 & under

Preschoolers love to play, explore and make new friends and Rainbow Rompers is their opportunity to do just that! We offer a supervised play space where your child can climb, run, jump and swing with age-appropriate equipment and play toys. *Preschoolers and their caregiver. Offered to the General Public for $5/family.

Tech Club  ages 6-12 

Mondopad….mondo-what?! Come play with the Ferguson Family Y’s newest and coolest toy, the Mondopad! We will do coding, games, trivia, solve puzzles and so much more. Join us each week for Tech Club as we explore the world through the Mondopad. Offered to the General Public for $3.

Y Night  grades 5-8 at ES, WS, BV Ys; grades 4-8 at DT

Check out what’s happening at the Y on Friday nights for 5th-8th graders at the Broadview, East Side and West Side Ys and 4th-8th graders at the Ferguson Family Y. Youth have the opportunity to swim, play games like basketball or GaGa, and participate in exciting theme activities each week. Visit our Y Night page for a list of activities and additional information. *Program runs September – May. Learn More »

Y Zone  up to age 13* + Family

Y Zone offers a place to hang out with friends or your family & enjoy games, craft projects or special activities. It also provides a place for families to just hang out & play together. Child must sign/be signed in and out of Y Zone. *Ages 8-13 can attend alone. Age 7 parent/guardian must remain in Y facility. Ages 6 & under must be accompanied by parent/guardian in Y Zone. Learn More »

Youth Activity Center (YAC)  ages 8+

For ages 8+ years. The YAC offers free activities that are engaging, attractive to youth and make use of their talents, energy and creativity. Elementary and Middle School kids hang out after school, evenings and weekends. Pockey tables, homework zone, Mondopad and games create a fun environment.

Youth & Family Balance & Flex Together  ages 6+

This invigorating 45-minute mind-body workout is appropriate for all levels. Improve balance, mobility, flexibility, and core strength through yoga and Pilates fundamentals. Ages 6-13 must be accompanied by Parent/Adult. SEASONAL

Youth & Family Circuit Training  ages 6+

This class follows an interval format incorporating both cardio and strength exercises using stations. In only 45 minutes it offers variety to families who want to share fun and adventure together! Designed for any level, you and your child can get the ultimate experience. Using a variety of equipment you can expect a different workout each time. Low-impact and higher intensity options will be provided throughout class to ensure each participant achieves their ideal workout goals. Ages 6-13 must be accompanied by Parent/Adult. 

Youth & Family Cycling  ages 6+

Keep your family time rolling with this 30-minute high-energy cycling workout. The instructor will combine various cycling techniques and fun music to ensure that both kids and adults have a good time doing what they enjoy. Adults attending class should be accompanying a child. Youth may attend alone & must safely fit the height requirement of 4’ 10”.

Youth & Family Fitness Class  ages 6+

This 45-minute class offers variety to families who want to share fun and adventure together. We’re offing a different class each week so you and your child can get the ultimate experience! Classes may include family-friendly Zumba, yoga, cycling, cardio, strength or a combination! Ages 6-13 must be accompanied by Parent/Adult.

Youth & Family Waterworks ages 6+

KIDS! Bring your mom and dad to the pool for a FUN FAMILY water class. This 45 minutes is designed for you to work up a sweat during a variety of fitness-based activities. You’ll be jumping, twisting, and moving all around the pool while competing in games against parents, siblings, friends, and other families. Some will even be timed! You can expect to use a lot of fun water toys along with modifications to make the class as hard or easy as you want. You’ll be practicing your balance and stretch moves too, and who knows, you might even get to go down the slide a time or two! Let’s go! Ages 6-7 must be accompanied by Parent/Adult.

Youth & Family Zumba®  ages 6+

Enjoy a 45-minute cardio dance party appropriate for all ages. Combine high-energy and motivating Latin and International music with unique moves that are fun and easy to do. Ages 6-13 must be accompanied by Parent/Adult.

Youth Wellness Orientation  ages 11-13

 Ready for the next step at the Y? Our one time 2 hour Youth Orientation makes sure you’re set to begin the next phase of building your healthy lifestyle. Led by a Y Member Well Being team member, you'll learn about safe & healthy exercise using the basic weight machines & exercise equipment in the Lifestyle Center. You’ll also talk through your plan for healthy exercise & staying active at the Y. After you’ve successfully completed your Youth Wellness Orientation, you’ll earn your LSC access card & can start using the equipment safely on your own. 

*Registration is required for classes held at East Side & West Side. For our Ferguson Family and Broadview Ys, please make an appointment at the front desk.

Youth Development Directors

Feel free to contact one of our Youth Development Directors if you have any questions about a specific program or getting yourself, child or family involved at the Y.

Broadview & East Side Heidi Marquardt  436 1243
Ferguson Family & West Side Kathy Zasada  436 9656

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