Youth Sports


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Youth Sports

The Y offers a variety of Youth Sports experiences, ranging from fundamentals, to recreational, to specialty clinics. See which sports and programs are offered which sessions in our Program Guide.

Fundamental Youth Sports Programs

The YMCA’s Fundamental Youth Sports Programs teach the basic skills of the sport through drills and practices with less emphasis on the game. Fundamental Sports runs 45 minutes. One free fundamental sport per session, per child is included with your Y Family Membership.

Recreational Sports Programs

Recreational Sports work on developmental skills with more advanced curriculum in a league format. Week 1 is a team practice. Weeks 2-7 begin with a 30-minute practice followed by a 45-minute game.  Referees are incorporated in grade level 3-4 in Football, Soccer, and Basketball. At grade level 3-4 we will also introduce score as a part of the game without putting too much emphasis upon competition. These programs are all coached by volunteer parents.

Fundamental Clinics

Develop and improve upon the building blocks of a sport in a 2 hour clinic. Our clinics are fun, fast paced, and led by Y Sports Site Supervisors that teach fundamentals skills and positions of the sport.


Fundamental T-Ball ages 4-6

Fundamental T-Ball is a 45 minute sports class where your child will learn the basic fundamentals of the sport of baseball covering the basics of catching, throwing, positions and roles & batting. This program uses soft core balls and will bat off the tee.

Recreational Baseball grades 1-3

Recreational Baseball is a league program that will continue working on developmental skills with a more advanced curriculum. This league will run 1 ¼ hours each week.


Fundamental Basketball ages 5-7

A 45-minute class where your child will learn the basic fundamentals of the sport of basketball covering the basics of positions and roles, passing, and shooting & rebounding in a non-competitive environment. Modified scrimmages will be introduced in this session.

Recreational Basketball grades 1-4

A league sports program that will continue working on developmental skills with more advanced curriculum. This league will run 1 ¼ hours each week.

Flag Football

Fundamental Flag Football ages 5-6

A program that offers the basic fundamental skills of Flag Football in a 7-on-7 format. Your child will learn positions & roles, receiving, throwing and running while building confidence, showing good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Recreational Flag Football grades 1-4

A league that will continue working on developmental skills with more advanced curriculum.  This league will run 1 ¼ hours each week.


Fundamental Soccer ages 4-7

In Fundamental Soccer we teach the basic fundamental skills on a smaller field with fewer players while developing values of good sportsmanship, teamwork and self esteem. We will incorporate modified games during the session.

Recreational Soccer grades 1-3

In Recreational Soccer for 1st - 3rd graders we continue to work on fundamental skills and apply these skills in a game where score will be introduced but not putting emphasis on it.


The YMCA is partnering with Green Bay Tennis Center to offer youth tennis programs at the Green Bay Tennis Center facility. The introductory tennis program for kids grades K-8, uses kid-sized courts and low compression tennis balls to focus on developing the fundamental skills for tennis. All classes are led by a certified Tennis Professional at GBTC.

Intro to Youth Tennis grades K-2

Activities focus on building agility, balance, and coordination skills, while also developing on-court skills needed. They will further develop both forehand and backhand ground strokes, appropriate grip and tennis specific footwork patterns. Red balls have 25% bounce height of a regular ball and are played on a 36’ court. 

Intro to Youth Tennis grades 3-5

Classes are designed to continue building athletic skills while learning or refining the skills necessary to serve, volley and score. The children will continue to develop ground strokes/volleys/serves, work on footwork, and begin learning strategy. The orange balls have a 50% bounce height of a regular ball and are played on a 60’ court. 

Intro to Youth Tennis middle school

Classes are designed for students who have never played tennis. Lessons begin with the low compression tennis balls and smaller nets which provide the perfect stage for learning the lifelong game of tennis. By the end of class, the students will be hitting the traditional ball on a full size court.


Co-Ed Fundamental Volleyball ages 6-12

Emphasis is on teaching the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting and skill development in a fun, esteem-promoting atmosphere. Children will have the opportunity to build skills by learning the basic volleyball fundamentals such as overhand serving, setting, hitting, and digging in a non-competitive environment.

Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify. Ys everywhere have a mission to accept every child into Youth Sports even when they are unable to pay the full rate. Thanks to the generosity of those who contribute to our Annual Campaign, approximately 2 out of every 10 kids on a team are receiving financial assistance. If you are unable to pay the full cost of Y membership or sports program fees, please apply for partial assistance by visiting your local Y.

Refunds will be determined by the Youth Sports Director on a case-to-case basis. Refunds will not be given due to inclement weather or something that is not controlled by the Y.