Bill C

I was golfing with friends when I realized I could no longer hold my own in a competitive group of golfers. My balance was off and my friends joked that I was losing my game. That winter I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic, degenerative disease that affects everyone differently. With me, it affected my balance, short-term memory and caused fatigue. Disheartened, I thought “How could this happen to someone who was so active and recently completed two half-marathons?” MS can cause those affected to become confined to a wheelchair. My neurologist told me the best way to stay mobile was to keep exercising, so I decided to join the Y. I started swimming, where I feel the aches, fatigue and mental fog of MS melt away, and my worry about balance disappears. I just FEEL better! With help from Y trainers, I have successfully taken on TRX and learned how to do kettlebell "Turkish get-ups". I am working on mastering a headstand, and plan on doing a walking hand stand. - Bill Charles