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The Camp Wabansi experience is an outstanding way to keep your child active and engaged throughout their summer break from school. Camp Wabansi will become a home away from home where kids can build new friendships, push their boundaries, and learn new skills. 



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YMCA Camp Wabansi is a summer day camp for kids ages 7-17 that is owned and operated by the Greater Green Bay YMCA.  The Camp Wabansi experience is an outstanding way to keep your child active and engaged throughout their summer break from school.  Wabansi will become a home away from home where kids can build new friendships, push their boundaries, and learn new skills.  Our staff empowers youth with the core values of the YMCA; caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.  Transportation from the East and West YMCA centers and Langlade School in Green Bay is provided daily to and from camp.


At the heart of the Camp Wabansi Experience is our team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff.  Summer staff members are selected based on their proven abilities working with children and desire to support our mission of building strong kids of solid character.  We are currently hiring and looking for amazing staff to work with kids this summer.  We pay $600/week and pay for all training.  Interested in leaning more?  Visit our hiring site to apply.



To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.  


YMCA Camp Wabansi is located in southern Door County on the sandy shores of Green Bay.  The bus ride to camp is approximately 25 minutes.  Camp is located on 40 acres of land that offers waterfront, sport fields and woods to explore. The address is 1242 Bayshore Dr, Brussels, WI.  During the summer months you can reach the camp office at 920-825-7830. During Fall - Spring please contact the Camp Office at YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya for assistance, 715-276-7116.


Registration is quick and easy online at: https://greenbayymca.campbrainregistration.com.  A variety of payment plans are available to meet specific needs and can be arranged by phone.  The balance of the program fee must be paid in full 30 days before your camper's session at camp.  We believe every child deserves a summer camp experience, financial assistance is made available through contributions to the YMCA's Annual Campaign.  To request financial assistance please complete the Camping Services Financial Assistance Online Form.  

If spaces are available, registration remains open until the Wednesday before the session begins.  If a session is full please sign up for the waitlist.  You can also reach out to the camp office via email, camp.wabansi@greenbayymca.org, we may be able to do a special placement for you.  We know the Camp Wabansi experience is awesome and will do everything possible to help the kids to come.  



Thursday Night Sleepover

All campers have the option of joining our counselors for a sleepover at Camp Wabansi Thursday night!  When the busses leave, the fun begins!  From big team games to hilarious campfire shenanigans the overnighter is a great introduction to the magic of overnight camps.  Camp Wabansi will serve Thursday dinner, Friday hot breakfast, and Friday sandwich lunch for all kids sleeping over.  To help cover the costs of the meals and extra fun we charge $50 for the overnighter.  No overnight is available Week 10.  

Friday Family Finale

Friends and family are invited to Camp Wabansi on Friday afternoon for our finale closing campfire.  Join us for hilarious skits and songs, and camper recognition!  Guests may begin arriving at camp and check in at the camp office any time after 2:00pm.  The campfire will begin at 2:15pm.  Camp Wabansi has several benches in the amphitheater, but parents are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs or blankets for seating.  An ice cream treat will be provided after the campfire for all campers and guests.  If parents do attend the campfire, plan on taking your camper home at 3:45 pm on that Friday afternoon.  If parents do not attend, then your camper will take the bus home as usual and arrive for pick up at their usual time.  

Parent Information

Please review this important page of information for your packing list and other essential info.  




Campers engage in activities in small groups of like age and gender and are supervised by a counselor who will be with them for their entire session.  All camp activities throughout the week provide time for groups to meet and bond with each other.  Some campers sign up with friends, although there are plenty of opportunities to meet new friends as well.  Theme weeks make each session fresh and exciting.  Each day will have special activities and games that are designed around the theme of the week.

Week 1 | June 10 - 14 | No Camp: Staff Training 
Week 2 | June 17 - 21 | The World of Pokémon 
Week 3 | June 24 - June 28 | Mythical Creatures
Week 4 | July 1 - 5 | No Camp: 4th of July Holiday Week
Week 5 | July 8 - 12 | Favorite Cartoons / Anime
Week 6 | July 15 - 19 | Olympics
Week 7 | July 22 - 26 | Wet and Wild (Water Games Galore)
Week 8 | July 29 - August 2 | Star Wars
Week 9 | August 5 - 9 | Fun on the Farm
Week 10* | August 12-15 (*20% Reduced Price, Ends on Thursday, No Other Discounts Apply) | Lego World / Minecraft




The first program that you register for will always be full price.  We offer an incentive to come back for more fun, so each additional week you register for receives a 20% discount.  Due to limitations within our registration software please contact the camp office so we can apply this discount.  Camp Office: 715-276-7116 (August 19 - May 31st) or 920-825-7830 (June 1st - August 18th)

First Registered Week: $310 (YMCA Members) or $335 (Non-Members)
Additional Weeks: $248(YMCA Members) or $268 (Non-Members)
Thursday Overnight Fee: $50 (overnight is optional)



Drop off at Bus Site - Bus services load up between 7:45am and 8:15 depending on location.  The bus ride is about 25 minutes and our counselors make every mile fun with songs and laughter the whole way.

Morning Flag Ceremony - all campers gather up at the flag pole each AM for role call, the pledge of allegiance and a silly (yet meaningful) skit about the character trait of the day (caring, honesty, respect, responsibility).

Activity Time - activity times are broken into three categories; cabin group, choice time, or all camp activity.  Each camper is assigned a small cabin group to be in the entire week.  They will have an assigned counselor who helps lead this group throughout their day.  There are specific activities that this group of kids will do together lead by the counselor.  Choice time offers each camper the chance to do their choice of activities around camp with kids from other cabin groups.  All camp activities are when we gather everyone up and play a big team game or special event.  

Lunch - Campers sit in their cabin groups with their counselor for lunch.  Be sure to pack your kid a well balanced lunch to fuel the fun of the day.  

Activity Time - Afternoon activity times run till the end of the day.

Afternoon Flag Lowering - campers gather up for the closing thoughts for the day and load into busses.

Pick up at Bus Site - Busses return to their AM drop off.  Arrival times are 4:15 - 4:40 depending on location.  


West Side YMCA:  Pickup Time 8:00 AM | Drop Off Time 4:30 PM
East Side YMCA:  Pickup Time 8:15 AM | Drop Off Time 4:15 PM
Langlade School:  Pickup Time 7:45 AM | Drop Off Time 4:40 PM
Camp Wabansi:  9:00 AM | 3:45 PM


YMCA Camp Wabansi is packed with awesome activities for kids to do during the day and is a great way for kids to stay active throughout the summer.  Our staff guides your kids through programs such as boating, swimming, camp songs, shooting bows and sling shots, building campfires, creating awesome art, wildlife exploration, field sports, team building and weekly theme activities.  There is something fun every day for every kid.  



Your camper might want a new challenge without missing his or her favorite Wabansi traditions.  Our specially trained staff offers adventures and excursions during the week that allow campers to try something new while also being able to spend time at the camp they love so much.  All specialty camps include a Thursday night overnight campout at Wabansi.  


Your group will be challenged with many outdoor skills including fire-building, basic first aid, raft building, and shelter building.  They will create some awesome meals over the fire and their group will camp out in Wabansi's famous "Yabwe" campsite and experience a special tribal council ceremony.  

Survivor Dates and Rates

Week 3:  June 24 - June 28
Week 5:  July 8 - 12
Week 9:  Aug 5 - 9

First Purchased Week:  $350 (YMCA Member) or $375 (Non-Member)
As an Additional Week: $280 (YMCA Member) or $300 (Non-Member)
Overnight Fee:  Included in price



Ready to Zip? "Zip Ready!" "Zipping?" "Zip On!" Wondering what that was all about?  That's exactly what you'll hear called out across the beautiful Door County countryside just before you take the jump down the zip line!  We're taking trips up to Door County Adventures for the thrill of a lifetime.  Your camper will participate in a zip line excursion as well as kayaking and other great camp activities.  All activities are conducted under the supervision of certified zip line operators and adventure guides.

Zip Line Dates and Rates

Week 7:  July 22 - 26

First Purchased Week:  $465 (YMCA Members) or $490 (Non-Members)
As an Additional Week:  $372 (YMCA Members) or $392 (Non-Members)
Overnight Fee:  Included in price 




Our Teen Leadership programs are designed progressively to develop competent and confident young leaders who seek to improve the world around them.  Both the CIT and AC programs can be counted as volunteer/community service hours towards graduation and letters of reference can be written upon request.  Campers will develop independence, confidence, and a deeper understanding of the YMCA core values; caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. 

COUNSELOR IN TRAINING - offered all sessions, ages 14-16

The first step in unlocking leadership potential. Counselors in Training (CITs) learn fundamental leadership qualities as they participate in counselor shadowing, team-building challenges, and reflective seminar sessions.  CITs build skills and strategies that will benefit them for years to come, and they have fun while doing it!  

CIT Fees

First Purchased Week: $310 (YMCA Members) or $335 (Non-Members)
As an Additional Week: $248 (YMCA Members) or $268 (Non-Members)
Thursday Overnight Fee (Optional):  $50


ASSISTANT COUNSELOR - offered all sessions, ages 16-17

After completing a session as a CIT, teens looking to fully develop their leadership abilities become Assistant Counselors (ACs).  This is the final step in Wabansi's program progression.  ACs have the opportunity to plan and lead activities, operate the Camp Store, assist in supervising and managing groups of campers, and complete a service project that gives back to Camp.  By working side by side with Wabansi Counselors, AC's learn what it takes to become a well-rounded and driven leader.

AC program is Free, but completion of the CIT program is required.  



Each year we invite friends and family of camp to volunteer for the day doing projects to help get the camp ready for summer!  

Work projects range from gardening to painting, so bring a good pair of gloves and some clothes you can get messy in.  We also have a lot of projects to help set up program areas.  All ages are welcome but please leave pets at home! 

The work day is Saturday May 11th, 9am - 4pm.  Camp will provide lunch but all guests are encouraged to bring beverages and snacks!

Address: YMCA Camp Wabansi, 1242 Bayshore Dr, Brussels, WI 54204

RSVP MAY 11th, 2024 

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